Thursday, May 25, 2023
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2023 Met Gala: All the Photos From Fashion’s Big Night

Karl Lagerfeld’s cat may not have attended, but he found a proxy in actor Jared Leto, who came in a full-body cat costume named Choupette, before he became a Change into a black dress that was floor length. Cap

The worlds of celebrity, fashion, politics, sports, business and art collide at the Met Gala, which is always held on the first Monday in May. Invited pose, crowd and camera angle after angle for prime gawking.

Mr. Leto was not alone in deconstructing the dress. Janelle Monae’s Thom Brown hoop skirt transitions into a sequined bikini. And Lil Nas X didn’t have much to pull off, arriving in full silver body pants, a jeweled thong and an elaborate mask.

But head to toe Rihanna was covered in ASAP Rocky. The singer had Posted A photo of herself in a pair of black and white feathers over the weekend (with a fuzzy hat and glasses framed in the double C of the Chanel logo), teased fans wondering if she would show up. Being the last to arrive – after 10pm – he anticipated us all but made an entrance that was worth the wait.



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