Alex Ambrose Denies ‘Sexual Misconduct’ Charges, Sends Legal Notice To AIFF

Alex Ambrose Denies ‘Sexual Misconduct’ Charges, Sends Legal Notice To AIFF

Former assistant coach fired for alleged “sexual misconduct” during India U-17 women’s football team’s tour of Europe Alex Ambrose has denied any wrongdoing and has sent a legal notice to the All India Football Federation to “tarnish its reputation by making baseless allegations”. Ambrose was sacked as assistant coach of India’s under-17 women’s soccer team a few days ago on charges of “sexual harassment”. A notice issued by Ambrose by Mumbai-based advocate Madhukar P. Dalvi claimed that he had fallen prey to malicious and nefarious motives and objects at the behest of the All India Football Federation.

“My client was forced to admit under duress, pressure and coercion that he never did anything. My client was not allowed to offer any explanation nor was my client against it. Informed or informed about the allegations / charges / charges.

“My client has been unlawfully, illegally and unfairly removed from his responsibilities without due process of law,” the notice said.

On Sunday, SY Qureshi, a member of the Committee of Administrators (COA), which runs the game in the country, announced the dismissal of Ambrose via Twitter.

Qureshi tweeted, “Alex Ambrose, assistant head coach of the under-17 women’s team, has been fired for sexual misconduct. Further action is being taken,” Qureshi tweeted.

Ambrose said he was not given time to refute the allegations and that the action against him violated the principles of natural justice.

“My client is shocked and shocked to see that the negligence of the All India Football Federation is a gross violation of the laws of justice, equality, fair play and natural justice.

Ambrose’s lawyer claimed in the notice that “the action taken by the All India Football Federation is arbitrary and unconstitutional and is a complete violation of the rule of law and the rule of law.”

It said the AIFF notified him by e-mail to attend a disciplinary hearing but did not accept his request for a different date for the hearing as he had earlier engagements.

“My client’s image and reputation have been tarnished by the All India Football Federation without question, by issuing show cause notices, giving him a chance to have his say, publishing and publishing nonsensical news / allegations against my client. Ruthlessly stained and destroyed. Express your position.

“My client has not been informed of the charges against him.

“And without any of the above, it seems that a verdict has been passed against him, he has been punished and fined for things he has not done at all. Justice,” the notice said. Has gone


Ambrose’s lawyer alleged that the AIFF was “publishing false, frivolous and disgusting reports against my client and threatening and intimidating my client about serious actions, including police action.”

The notice called on the AIFF to “immediately withdraw the illegal dismissal letter and restore my client’s services”.

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