Australia Star’s Viral Riposte To Kapil Dev’s Comments On Dropping Virat Kohli

Australia Star’s Viral Riposte To Kapil Dev’s Comments On Dropping Virat Kohli

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As Virat Kohli The pressure is mounting on them to continue their poor form with the bat. With the choice of Deepak Hooda Impressing Kohli’s place when the former Indian captain was with the Test team or resting for the team, calls for young options are increasing in his place. Former India captain Couple god Commenting on the matter recently, he said that if he could not perform well despite being an ‘established player’, he should be dropped.

The International Cricket Council shared a special quote from Kapil Dev.

“Play players on the form when you have a lot of options. You can’t just go by fame but you have to find the current form. You can be an established player but that doesn’t mean you have to. You will be given a chance even if you fail in five matches in a row, ”said Kapil.

Australian opener Usman KhawajaHowever, there was a humorous reaction to the post, suggesting that India’s opponents would welcome the move to drop Kohli from the T20 squad.

Commenting on the ICC post, Khawaja wrote: “About 140 on average 50. Good call. Australia agrees.”


The comment has received more than 18,000 ‘likes’, with many users circulating screenshots of it on Twitter.


Kohli played the last two T20Is against England and could only return scores of 1 and 11.

With the start of the 2022 T20 World Cup in Australia in October, India will be hoping that Kohli will regain his form soon.

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