Baz Luhrmann Talks ‘Elvis’ With Maureen Dowd

Baz Luhrmann Talks ‘Elvis’ With Maureen Dowd

There are moments of pressure, such as “Mullen Rouge!” Also, when Mr. Lohrmann and Ms. Martin received a fax that someone had accidentally been left in the machine and with an urgent request to come and handle the studio because “the eagle is out of control.” But if the birth is impossibly difficult. If not, then this is not Baz-y.

The CM, as Ms. Martin is known, revives her husband’s magical world with fabulous sets and costumes. He acknowledged that the scale of Mr. Lohrmann’s dreams, which seeks to find “the best of the best of the best,” could leave him feeling like Harrison Ford in “Riders of the Lost Arc” to escape the rocks. Is running

During the first week of May, Mr. Lohrmann was in the race to finish mixing and editing for the premiere of “Elvis” in Cannes this weekend, a month before its mass release on June 24. He was flying from Australia, where the film was made. , New York before returning to Los Angeles and France. And he was also helping direct the Matt Gala, and Prada was walking the red carpet in “Elvis decorative aesthetic” attire, as he placed it with Priscilla Presley on the arm of the film’s 30-year-old Elvis. ۔ Austin Butler.

Mr. Lohrmann, who calls himself “Research Nut,” wrote the screenplay with three other authors. He is completely immersed in his films, immersing himself in the excavations of the world he is creating, from drapes to cupboards to photos.

During “Gatsby,” he laughed, “I think we’ve gone a little further with the talking part of it.” He and Ms. Martin also went to England to steam in New York on ships like Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.

On the afternoon of our interview, Mr. Lohrmann, a 59-year-old whipped skinner, was wearing flared black saline jeans and acne western boots, a blue Prada sweater that Elvis liked, a double diamond ring, Elvis’ “EP” A copy of A ring, a string of pearls and a gold “TCB” necklace with a diamond electric bolt, a riff on jewelry worn by the Elvis and Memphis Mafia, a symbol of rapid “business care”. And he showed a copy of the gold chain belt that Elvis wore on stage in the 70’s.

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