BCCI Ties Up With Australian Body To Create Uniform Training System

BCCI Ties Up With Australian Body To Create Uniform Training System

In an effort to harmonize the training system across all ranks, the BCCI has teamed up with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) to create a pool of world-class trainers (S&C coaches) in the country. ۔ Recently, the BCCI has set up its Sports Science Section at the National Cricket Academy, headed by former national team head physio Dr Nitin Patel. He has now come up with the idea of ​​creating a program that will “expand the knowledge base of fitness trainers at all levels in the BCCI.”

The conceptual note that the BCCI shared with the trainers of the state unit, which is in the possession of PTI, is supposed to ensure that the idea is to ensure that under-19 (men and women) to senior state The same training module for teams and then national teams. To be followed by teams.

“Often, at the state level, we see that strength and conditioning training is very different from India’s under-19, A or senior teams. At the state level as well, a former India A trainer, aware of the developments, told PTI on condition of anonymity.

He then referred to how some state teams have an idea of ​​S&C training that is very different from following the national team or NCA.

“Let me give you an example of this Ranji season. The BCCI sent a note to all the state teams that the YoYo test (aerobic endurance fitness test) and the 2k run, which were previously used as fitness parameters, After the whole season, they are no longer mandatory. – COVID is starting and we don’t know about the lung capacity of the players.

Still at DDCA, Rajkumar Sharma and his coaching staff used YoYo as a parameter to decide who are eligible candidates when the world is recognizing that there is no parameter to decide the fitness of cricket. Is.”

The idea is to have a training program where some state teams have less interference from old school coaches, whose idea of ​​S&C training is still outdated.

According to the BCCI-ASCA tie-up, it will be a three-year course with year-1 ‘Cricket Specific S&C Beginner Program’ followed by Year-2 ‘Cricket Specific S&C Intermediate Program’ and final year. Will be 3 Will have ‘Cricket Specific S&C Advanced Program’.

As required by the program, 114 candidates (potential S&C trainers) in 38 affiliated units will go through the course with six different candidates, bringing the total to 120 candidates.

Two male S&C coaches and one female coach per BCCI affiliated unit will participate in the ‘Year-round Guide through NCA Central Team’ program. Six professionals will train 114 candidates and start There will be a two-day hybrid program in July, ”a BCCI source said.


It is assumed that during the onsite program, 20 state S&C coaches will be led by an NCA core team S&C coach. Thus, 120 candidates will have six such coaches.

“The plan is to provide year-round guidance so that we have a strong group of S&C coaches in the setup for both men and women,” the source said.

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