“Blessed To Have Spoken To Rohit Sharma, Rishabh Pant”: Jemimah Rodrigues After Starring For India Vs Sri Lanka

“Blessed To Have Spoken To Rohit Sharma, Rishabh Pant”: Jemimah Rodrigues After Starring For India Vs Sri Lanka

Rohit Sharma’s words of encouragement and رشبھ پنت Jaime raised Rodriguez’s spirits as she tackled a difficult phase and worked on her return, which began shortly after she dropped out of the Indian women’s team. The cheerleading cricketer feels lucky to have spoken to people like Rohit and Pant. Jaime, who was not part of India’s World Cup squad in New Zealand, returned to international cricket on Thursday with an unbeaten 36 off 27 balls to give India enough runs to defend in the first T20 International in Dambulla. Marked

“My journey has not been smooth since the last tour of Sri Lanka. There have been ups and downs. I have spoken to Rohit Sharma and Rishbha Pant. They told me that these moments will determine your career. I was told not to take it. I was dropped from the squad before the World Cup (negatively), “Jaimah told a post-match press conference.

“They told me I had to take on the challenge and move on. I’m happy to talk to them.” Coming in fifth, Rodriguez did not succumb to the pressure created by the Sri Lankan bowlers and scored some important runs with three fours and a six. India scored 138 for 6 and the visiting bowlers defeated Sri Lanka by 34 runs.

“I’ve understood my game better in four or five months, I’ve calmed down, I’ve changed even though I’m the same height,” she said.


“I started preparing immediately after the drop.” Intervening at a turning point in the innings, Jaime said she was nervous to start.

“This innings means a lot. I was nervous at the beginning but the late-cut boundary helped me a lot. I came back to the team after 4-5 months or more. When asked about it, he said, “I don’t know, it’s like the pitch where I live in Mumbai. The pitches are the same, so I’m used to playing in these situations. I love this country this is a very beautiful country It is an honor to be here and the love we are receiving from the board is great. “

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