Break Will Do Virat Kohli “A World Of Good”: Glenn McGrath To NDTV

Break Will Do Virat Kohli “A World Of Good”: Glenn McGrath To NDTV

Glenn McGrath The game is seen as one of the best bowlers in the game and even after retirement, the former Australian fast bowlers continue to impart knowledge to the emerging fast bowlers in India. McGraw is the director of the MRF Peace Foundation and is currently in the country coaching his wards. In a free-wheeling chat with NDTV over the phone, McGraw talked about his speed. Imran MalikShape of Virat KohliAnd India’s next tour to England, which includes one Test, three ODIs and three T20s.

During IPL 2022, Virat Kohli received break calls.

McGrath believes that now that he has taken the break, it will be a good thing for Kohli as the batsman knows his game from the inside out and knows what to do to get back in top form.

“Cricket is a game of confidence to a great extent. Virat is also a very confident player. When he sings, he runs after the run and sometimes, it is not going well, it can be a difficult place. Has enough experience, knows himself, and knows his game. After this break, there will be a good world for him. I want to see how he comes back, we have the world. The cup is close and I think India will need it. Experienced players to help keep the ship stable, “McGrath told NDTV.

Talking about Imran Malik, McGrath said: “Yes, the bowling express speed is something that is quite unique. And it is very special. If you can combine this extremely fast speed with control and consistency. So you become a very dangerous bowler. In order to gain this experience, once you reach the top, you have to work harder, as long as his work ethic is good and He looks better, who knows where he might go. “

“He still has time (Imran is playing Tests). You have to get out of there and do business in first-class cricket as well. When you bowl fast, everyone gets excited and fair.” But yes, there has to be. Around the team, very special, I haven’t spent any time with him, so I don’t know what he is like as a character and how he goes about things.

“I was very lucky because I only played 6 matches for New South Wales before I got the chance in the Test match. You need to be strong, you need to be strong, you need to be strong, you need to be strong, you need to be strong, you need to be strong, you need to be strong, you need to be strong, you need to be strong, you need to be strong. How it works. And enjoy it, then yes, it looks like it could make a big career. But as long as they are handled properly and don’t go up, I’m sure they’ll be fine. Will, “he added.

When asked what? Hardik Pandya The 52-year-old said: “I think it’s up to him. I think he has a lot of experience now, I think he has a lot of experience. Will have a great relationship with. Captain and coaches. He is experienced, he knows what he needs to do. He is a standard all-rounder, no doubt, he is also a powerful hitter, he is very good. The way he throws the ball. Fast, he knows what he needs to do. It’s just about getting back from there, gaining consistency and confidence in bowling and getting out of there. Will give the correct opinion of what he is doing and how he is doing it. “

McGrath, who took 563 wickets in Tests, also talked about the cricket brand that England is currently playing in Tests and why India should be at the forefront of their game to get better than the ‘Three Lines’ in the UK. Will need

“It’s always difficult when you go to another country and you just play a practice game that starts a Test match. England has been playing good cricket for a while now. Ben Stokes As captain, they are playing a more aggressive form of the game together. Brendan McCullum. They’re getting out there, backing up, they’re trying to play good, positive cricket. So yes, when they are playing well, they will be a tough team to beat, so I think India really have to be on their toes, they have to play well to compete with England in England. McGraw said.


Finally, talking about the new culture of fast bowling in India, McGrath said: “Yes, I think every captain likes to have fast bowlers and express fast bowlers. So, my I think in the past Indian wickets were known for turning pitches, pitches themselves. It was a bit slow. I think it’s a combination of a few things. Yes, pitches have become a bit faster. If you want to be the No. 1 team in the world. Yes, you should have a standard fast bowling attack. They have realized this and they are developing it. MRF Peace Foundation, the boys realized a long time ago, the fast bowlers We are helping them by preparing. “

“So, to look at the Indian bowling line-up at the moment, they are consistent, some good fast bowlers, some young bowlers are coming. It is in very good condition with the quality of speed at the moment. They seem to have realized. You need fast bowlers, pitches have improved for fast bowlers and I think a lot of people are focusing on fast bowlers, in the past it was just spinners and They used to be batsmen, now it’s nice to see the fast bowlers moving forward. They are proud of us. Most of them are doing very well, that’s all for me. We are here to help the boys improve and know their game. To see them perform on the big stage of IPL and to make them perform well. “It’s something we strive for. So yes, we’re really proud of it,” he signed.

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