Champions League Final Chaos Caused By “Dysfunctions”, Not Supporters: French Enquiry

Champions League Final Chaos Caused By “Dysfunctions”, Not Supporters: French Enquiry

File photo of Liverpool fans gathered outside the Stade de France in Paris.© AFP

The French Senate’s inquiry into the scenes of chaos in the Champions League final in Paris in May concluded on Wednesday that the problems were caused by a “series of losses” in the organization rather than Liverpool supporters, as the government said. What is the claim? “These defects were present at every level, not only during the implementation (during the game) but also during the pre-preparation,” Laurent Lafon, co-chairman of the inquiry, told reporters at a press conference.

“Losses” include failure to estimate how supporters will arrive at the stadium due to transport strikes, inadequate instructions and the use of police checkpoints, creating pressure points along the way to the game.

The fact-finding mission, led by two senators, has heard from witnesses since the May 28 Liverpool-Real Madrid game, which was affected by delayed kick-offs, crushes, tear gas and street crime.

The inquiry cited discounts on counterfeit tickets, late arrival of supporters at the stadium or the presence of thousands of spectators without tickets as the main reasons.

Interior Minister Gerald Dermanin suggested all of these factors as factors in explaining the failure, which was a source of national embarrassment for France.


“It’s not the number of people around the stadium that is causing these problems,” Lafon added.

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