Champions League Final: Real Madrid Defend Fans, Demand Answers After Chaos At Stade de France

Champions League Final: Real Madrid Defend Fans, Demand Answers After Chaos At Stade de France

Real Madrid demanded an explanation for last Friday’s treatment of fans in the Champions League final on Friday and said authorities should accept responsibility for the “ugly scenes” in Paris that the club claimed He said that they are far from the values ​​of the game. In a statement published “in defense of the supporters”, Madrid asked why the Stade de France was selected as the venue for the final against Liverpool and asked “who is responsible for leaving the fans helpless and defenseless”. Is.”

Some Madrid fans have said they were convicted after Saturday’s match, with many reporting attacks and looting outside the stadium.

Before the game, thousands of Liverpool fans with tickets had to wait for hours to enter the ground, with French police using tear gas and pepper spray on the crowd.

Some Liverpool supporters have said that the use of small holes to filter rows could lead to them being crushed.

In a statement on Friday, Real Madrid said: “We think what should have been a great celebration of football, with all the spectators attending the game, turned into unfortunate events that caused great outrage around the world. Expressed.

“As can be clearly seen in the disclosure images presented by the media, many fans were tortured, harassed and robbed.

“Some (of them) happened while they were driving in their cars or buses, out of fear of their physical condition.

“Some of them had to spend the night in hospital with injuries.

“Football has sent a picture to the world that is far from the values ​​and goals that it should always pursue.

“Our followers and fans deserve a response and take relevant responsibility to end situations like football and sports forever.”

On Wednesday, French Interior Minister Gerald Dermanin backtracked on his defense of police handling the final.

He acknowledged that President Emmanuel Macron was angry at the damage done to France’s image by the growing pressure on him to report that “clearly things could have been better organized.”

However, Liverpool CEO Billy Hogan was more than happy with his discount.

“Once again, my reaction to the French minister’s remarks, as I said earlier this week, is a blasphemy,” Hogan told Liverpool’s website on Thursday.


“The pain, the grief, the loss, the injury he suffered on Saturday, and now it is a shame for a French minister to say that only Liverpool fans have been a problem.”

UEFA, the governing body of football in Europe, has released an independent report on what happened in the game.

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