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Cyclist Complains Of ‘Inappropriate Behaviour’ By Coach, SAI Forms Inquiry Committee

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Cyclist Maury Lotte has complained of “inappropriate behavior” by national team head coach RK Sharma, who has called on the Sports Authority of India (SAI) and the Cycling Federation to set up inquiry committees. The SAI on Monday constituted a committee to look into the cyclist’s complaint on a priority basis and the Cycling Federation of India (CFI) has also stood by its players. SAI has received a complaint from a cyclist during a foreign exhibition camp in Slovenia about the misconduct of a coach. The coach was appointed on the recommendation of the Cycling Federation of India.

“Following the player’s compliance, SAI has brought him back to India immediately to ensure his safety and a committee has been constituted to look into the matter. The matter has been dealt with on priority basis. Is going and will be resolved soon, “read a statement from SAI.

The training and competitive foreign exhibition tour in Slovenia was to prepare for the Asian Track Cycling Championships, to be held here from 18 to 22 June.

The CFI said it had the full support of the national body.

The CFI said, “The CFI stands with the complainant, Ms. Maury Lotte and has already met with the Sports Authority of India and Ms. Maury Lotte to discuss the decision of the committee constituted by SAI. Will have full support. “


The four-member CFI committee comprises Secretary General Maninder Pal Singh, SS Sadish Kumar (President, Kerala Cycling), Deepali Nikam (Chief Coach, Maharashtra Cycling Team) and Assistant Secretary VN Singh. Met and assured them of full cooperation. .

The CFI said that the rest of the players along with coach Sharma would return to India on June 14.

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