Defiant Charles Leclerc Insists Ferrari Can Beat Red Bull And Max Verstappen

Defiant Charles Leclerc Insists Ferrari Can Beat Red Bull And Max Verstappen

After Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix, Charles Laker left Circuit Giles Valianto in a dilemma and insisted he could overhaul Max Verstappen to win this year’s World Championships. The 24-year-old Monagask Ferrari driver is 49 points behind the world champion Red Bull, who won his sixth win of the season on Sunday, but still believes it is not an invincible loss. Leclerc ranked fifth after Hurricane, if disappointed, the race was fined grid for taking a new power unit from behind the grid. “There’s a lot of credible concern for everyone this season,” Laker said. Will try

“Thirty-nine points? Two victories and that’s it!”

Verstappen admitted after Sunday’s tensions that he did not have the speed to beat Carlos Sanes, in the second Ferrari, without a strong defense until the last 15 laps as Spinard tried to pass it and claim his first win. Every effort was made. .

It proved, according to the 24-year-old Dutchman, that this year’s championship could go a long way between Red Bull and Ferrari.

“The championship has a long way to go and the gap is certainly big, but we’ve seen it and we know it could change very quickly,” said Verstappen, who struggled in the first three races. One year before the initiative.

Behind his mind, Werstapen must have remembered that last year’s title race had a 32-point lead over seven-time Mercedes champion Lewis Hamilton on a similar occasion when their fight went into the final lap of the season. Was .

“I mean,” he added. “Race 3 (this year) was 46 years behind, so now we just need to stay calm, focus and improve because we are not the fastest.

“Last weekend, it looked good in the race. Not so good now. But we managed to win and that’s a good thing and we just have to work together as a team to make a little improvement. To try

To add to the complexity of the championship scrap, Mercedes may face a new challenge at the upcoming British Grand Prix in Silverstone (July 3), in which Hamilton and his teammate George Russell will compete in the home race. Leading the charge.

Hamilton said he was “excited” to return to the podium at number three on Sunday when he claimed on Friday that he was unable to drive his car.

However, acknowledging that his car is deeply attractive and unpredictable, he suggests that Silverstone is likely to witness another battle between Ferrari and the Red Bull, in which the Italian team seeks to allay their frustrations. Is wishful thinking

Sans admitted that he may have made a mistake in not taking soft tires to attack his pit stop before the Verstapen closed, while Laker said he was twice behind slow-moving ‘DRS trains’. Was stuck


In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. “

“Our pace was really good,” Laker said. “I’ve been stuck in traffic twice … sometimes it happens, but I hope it will be different in the next race – reliable permission!”

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