Dutee Chand Says Faced Ragging In Sports Hostel

Dutee Chand Says Faced Ragging In Sports Hostel

File photo of Datti Chand.© AFP

Odisha-born Olympian Datti Chand made a shocking revelation on Sunday, claiming that she too was ragged by her seniors during a stay at a sports hostel in Bhubaneswar during 2006-08. Chand made the remarks in response to a social media post posted on Saturday after a BJP independent college student committed suicide due to ragging. “Daddy (seniors) used to force me to massage my body and wash clothes in the sports hostel,” Dutt said.

The elders also made negative comments on his financial affairs, Dutti added in a social media post, adding that his grievances were never heeded by the authorities.

“I was scolded when I complained to the hostel in-charge,” Olympian said. It hurt me. I was helpless then.

Dutt’s allegation came at a time when students and parents of BJP Independent College were staging a sit-in in front of a prestigious educational institution in the state capital. A suicide note left behind by a college girl highlighting ragging by elders.

Duty reacted to a Facebook post in which a user suggested ways to avoid ragging in educational institutions.


Officials at the Sports Hostel, Bhubaneswar, however, have not yet responded to the allegations made by Datti Chand.

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