Ex-Captain Slams Pakistan Board For Preparing Flat Tracks For Test Cricket At Home

Ex-Captain Slams Pakistan Board For Preparing Flat Tracks For Test Cricket At Home

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Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt Pakistan Cricket Board has been criticized for preparing a flat track at home. Mr. Butt was asked. Babar AzamAnchor has mastered the art of captaincy YouTube channel. Butt praised Babar’s recent achievements but said the captain’s abilities are valued in Test cricket. He then criticized the board for creating a track that did not allow the captain to strategize and win. Pakistan lost to Australia at home earlier this year and the pitches used for Test matches have come under fire.

“Babar has been the captain for some time now and he has won the home series against Australia and the team did well in the T20 World Cup last year. He will get better with time. ۔

“A captain’s skill and strategy is more evident in Test cricket and ODIs, which we rarely play. Test cricket is a great opportunity to see the potential of a captain but the way we make pitches at home, She snatches everything from the captain. ” In terms of strategy.

“You can tell by looking at the pitch that the spinners will play. It is difficult to get a result till the fifth day. You have to wait till the end to see if the pitch breaks or not. It does not test the skill of the captain. ۔

Butt said, “To do that, go and win in England. Or give the hard teams a run for their money. Pakistan has lost at home in the past but we will win the match.”


He added that the captain needs a good bowling attack to win a Test match and although Pakistan has good bowlers, Butt felt that they needed more experience to start winning consistently outside the home.

“You can’t blame the captain. Babar has a good attack but the bowlers are inexperienced and they have not played much first class cricket. Shaheen is a world class talent but he needs to get more experience. “We don’t have a spinner who can run through the batting order,” Butt added.

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