Ex-Weightlifting Chiefs Banned For Life Over Doping Cover-Up

Ex-Weightlifting Chiefs Banned For Life Over Doping Cover-Up

Tamas Ajin and Niko Walad were banned for life for their role in the doping corps.AFP

Former head of the International Weightlifting Federation Tamaz Ajan and Niko Wlad were banned for life on Thursday for their role in the doping corps. Ajan, an 83-year-old Hungarian, was president of the body for 20 years before resigning in April 2020. Romanian 58-year-old Vlad, a former Olympic weightlifting champion, was the vice president. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) stated that it had received arbitration petitions in December 2021 against Ajan and Vlad for violating the Anti-Doping Principles (ADRVs). Involvement in countermeasures. Doping violations involving several weightlifting athletes over the years since 2012. “

The Supreme Court of Sports stated that “in view of the seriousness of ADRVs and the length of time they have been in operation, the CAS has ruled that lifelong disqualification is appropriate.”

In a statement, the International Testing Agency (ITA) said the couple had been punished for “concealing, delaying and obstructing the management of the results of some players who committed ADRVs”.

The ITA investigated 146 unresolved issues during the period 2009-2019 and sent its findings to the World Anti-Doping Agency.

The ITA investigation found that “some IWF and National Member Federation officials themselves have complicated and tampered with ADRVs in some cases.”

Weightlifting is closely monitored by the International Olympic Committee and its place in the 2024 Paris Olympics program is still not guaranteed.


The sport’s Olympic record is tainted, representing more than a quarter of the doping cases in the history of the sport.

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