Gareth Bale Warns Of “Crazy” Demands On Players Amid Hectic Schedule

Gareth Bale Warns Of “Crazy” Demands On Players Amid Hectic Schedule

Gareth Bale He warned that “crazy” demands would have serious consequences for players as he ruled out joining Real Madrid after leaving Real Madrid. Bell, a free agent after a nine-year stint at the European Championships, reiterated that he would decide his future after his summer break. The Wales captain will play against Manchester City. Kevin de Bruyne When Belgium travels to Cardiff for a League match on Saturday. De Bruyne criticized the competition last week, saying four matches in a week and a half at the end of a long season were “asking for trouble”, and complained that he had not been on leave “for eight or nine years”. ۔

“It’s crazy,” Bell said Friday. “We were talking about lunch the other day and someone said that De Bruyne could play 79 games next season and get a three-week break.

“It’s too much and things need to change clearly. Players will tell you there are too many games.”

He added: “There will be consequences in the long run. People’s bodies cannot cope with this kind of calendar year after year.

“Something has to change and people at the top of the game have to do something. Unfortunately, money comes into it. It’s a business and they want to make more money.”

Bell, 32, said last week that he had received “a lot of offers” for next season, but insisted he would take his time before deciding where to play before the World Cup in November. Will

The forward reportedly could stay in Spain with Madrid-based Getafe when their president, Angel Torres, said Bell had been offered to him.

But Bell said: “I’m not going to Getafe. That’s for sure.”

Hometown club Cardiff, Newcastle and MLS teams have been suggested as potential destinations in the United States.

“I have plenty of time to go on vacation and decide my future,” Bell said.


“It simply came to our notice then.

“Once I get back to playing regular football, my body will be stronger and a little better instead of inside and out.”

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