I See Long-Term Future For Formula E In India: Co-founder Alberto Longo

I See Long-Term Future For Formula E In India: Co-founder Alberto Longo

Formula E co-founder Alberto Longo sees a long-term future for the All Electric World Championship race in India and expressed confidence that bureaucratic hurdles and tax issues, which pushed Formula 1 out of the country, Pushed, will not thwart their plans. They have done a lot of “homework” to manage it.

Lindo also said that the series may be difficult to gain the popularity of Formula 1, but it is more relevant than ever.

Speaking to PTI on the sidelines of the first Formula E race in Jakarta, Longo was confident of going to Hyderabad next year.

The first electric race in India is expected to take place on February 11.

“The FIA ​​World Motor Sport Council is meeting in 20 days. After that we will announce the calendar. Hopefully Hyderabad will also be part of the calendar. I am talking to them on a daily basis and Hopefully, we’ll get to that point. Soon, “Longo said in an interview.

“India is a huge market for us, a level one market for us. You don’t know what the future holds but the intention is to stay there for a long time. It will not be a 20 year contract. It is a medium term. Will be signed and hopefully we will extend it for four or five years. Formula 1 came to India in 2011 but survived for only three seasons due to promoter financial health and tax issues. It can also be an obstacle that organizers have to deal with both the state and central government.

“Those issues were more about taxes. We have very good tax advisors, we know the challenges, we know the potential risks and the responsibilities we have. We have done our homework on this front. India I have a long-term future for us, “said Longo.

F.May not enjoy the popularity of ormula e f1 but it is more relevant ‘

Formula E has made great strides since its first season in 2014. It is home to major automakers including Mahindra, Porsche, Jaguar, Nissan and Mercedes.

“It’s important to remember why we started. The idea was to build a platform to promote electrical mobility. The mission never ends in that sense,” Lindo said.

On constant comparison with F1, he said: “I’m a big fan of Formula 1 myself. I was involved in the game. . ” “I have full respect for what they are doing but we are not competing with them. They are a great racing championship but we run with a purpose. It is much more than a racing championship. “

Can Formula E ever outperform Formula One?

“I think they can be together. The fact is that by 2030-2035, most parts of the world will be banning combustion engine cars. The world is electric and we are the only single seater platform for fully electric cars. There are those who exist and we will only grow.

“But will that be enough to overtake F1, it doesn’t bother us today but it could happen in the end. But it’s definitely more relevant than F1 and any other championship.

“What our manufacturers do has an immediate effect on road cars. This has not happened in many years in motorsport.”

It is an honor to have Mahindra Racing from Season 1.

“It’s an honor to be with them. The thing I value most about them is their loyalty. I remember meeting Anand Mahindra and Dilbagh Gul (CEO) in 2013. He said yes immediately. At that time we had nothing. It was just one. Idea, they only believed in Idea. Because of Mahindra, we went to other manufacturers to join us. They are helping a lot, “said Longo.

He concluded by talking about his long-term plans for Asia.

“The only reason we don’t run much in Asia is because of the coveted. Our goal is to divide the world into three major geographical zones – the United States, Europe and Asia.


“Asia is a key market for us and we are proving it by coming here to Jakarta. Hopefully, as soon as the code is over, we will go to India and China. We want to race in the five largest cities in Asia,” he said. They said.

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