“If He Rests For A Month…”: Ex-India Pacer On Whether A Break Would Help Virat Kohli

“If He Rests For A Month…”: Ex-India Pacer On Whether A Break Would Help Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli He struggled to get into two T20Is against England as he recorded scores of 1 and 11, and then suffered a minor back injury during the third T20I, which ruled him out of the first ODI. , Which India won by 10 wickets against England. Oval, London. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. There has been a lot of talk about Kohli’s form and there are some who have started saying that the wandering batsman is not a definite shot starter in the playing XI.

Former India fast bowler Ashish NehraHowever, this argument does not qualify, saying that Kohli could be extended because of his past performance and how a break would work well for the batsman.

“When you’re not performing, you’re arguing that you’re not a Kohli caliber player. When you’re broadcasting, the newspaper, it’s printed every day, and when you’re playing, you’re at your game. Try not to listen to the so-called ‘outside voices’ of people outside the dressing room. It is important how you are in the dressing room and how your colleagues, management and selectors are supporting you. We are talking about a man like Virat. It is not written anywhere that Virat Kohli will continue to play for India even if he does not score runs. It will not happen but when you have done so much in the past, you will always have extra. There will be opportunities, “Nehra replied. A question from NDTV during a virtual conversation hosted by Sony Sports.

“Everyone knows what you have done and your abilities. At the age of 33-34, fitness is not a problem for him. Everyone is hopeful that the sooner Virat Kohli arrives, the better. “Let’s hope we see a different Virat after the West Indies series. If he rests for a month or five weeks, it will be helpful for him and if you don’t score runs, any player will be under pressure.” Will, in particular, has been a player like Virat. It’s not just 1-2 series, it’s 12 months you can say, “he added.

Further answering the same question, Nehra said: “He is the first person who wants to score runs, everyone in the country wants runs with the bat of Virat. Resting is not a bad thing, you just played IPL and Then you played. Test, white ball cricket so it’s good to see Virat getting a break. A break doesn’t mean a break of a week or a break of three days. When you come back to the Asia Cup, you Come back fresh. “


Responding to another journalist’s question on Kohli and everything around him, Nehra said: “Yes, when you don’t perform, you are dropped. However, many if and but When you are a player like Virat who scored runs and did a lot for the country, it cannot be dropped immediately, yes, Virat did not join the runs but dropping them is not the solution and he himself Know that he did not score, we are talking about it. Virat is an example. Even Rohit has struggled. Both Rohit and Virat have been selected for this year’s IPL and other Twenty20 games. I had a hard time. With the emergence of all formats, the player playing in all three will have more chances to score but more chances when you can fail. “

“It’s easy to drop someone, but as support staff and management, you have to focus on how to help the player. Unfortunately, Virat has a back injury, but if you And when it comes to giants, sometimes relaxing them is the best option. Because it’s not so easy to live in bubbles and the players have had to live in bubbles for the last 1-2 years. “

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