India vs England: “Do Not Know About The Extent Of The Injury”: Jasprit Bumrah On Virat Kohli’s Groin Strain

India vs England: “Do Not Know About The Extent Of The Injury”: Jasprit Bumrah On Virat Kohli’s Groin Strain

Jaspreet Bamrah Returning to the first ODI of the three-match series against England on Tuesday with a score of 6-19 in 7.2 overs, the Indian cricketer delivered one of the best spells ever. As a result of this show, Jose ButlerThe leading team piled up 110. Then Team India recorded a comprehensive victory by 10 wickets as Rohit Sharma. شیکھر دھون Played an unbeaten innings of 76 and 31 runs respectively. Former England captain during the match Nasir Hussain On Air said that Bumrah is currently the best all-format bowler in the world, and a few minutes later, even Sachin Tendulkar Same thing on Twitter.

Bumrah told reporters after the game during a press conference that he was never discouraged by applause or criticism. “Look, it was a good day and then you get compliments. But I’m the kind of guy who’s not afraid of applause and criticism. Today was a good day, but I don’t think I’m where everyone is.” In format, I always focus on trying to do what I can. I am very grateful for the applause you get, but I always try to keep a steady head, “Bamrah said.

“I always like to be in the present, there is noise outside these days, there are a lot of opinions. There can be ambiguity, so I try to focus on my diagnosis and my preparation. If I mark all the boxes. “I do what I can, I do and accept the outcome that comes later. I try to stay consistent and it gives me stability.”

Former captain Virat Kohli He did not play the first ODI due to a minor back injury. When asked about Virat Kohli’s fitness status, Bamrah said: “I don’t know the extent of the injury because I didn’t play the last match. Hopefully he will recover next time and I really It doesn’t. Find out the nature of his injury. “

When asked about his partnership with Mohammad Shami as a bowling duo, Bamrah said: “When Shami and I bowl together, there is always talk. We started talking today, and we Realized that the ball is swinging today, he is an experienced bowler, it is great when a couple compliments each other, he is a very skilled bowler and he has been playing for India for a long time. “I enjoy bowling with him. We talk to him from time to time. He’s a very skilled bowler.”

“It’s important to have a real wicket so that every player is in the game and there is a fair competition and in the end, it becomes a matter of skill, when the ball was softening, it was getting easier to bat. But. We got wickets from the new ball and it worked well for us.


Talking about the international cricket calendar, the fast bowler said: “It’s difficult, we were playing a Test match five days ago, then we played T20 and now we are playing ODIs. It is important to take care of the body. You need to sleep well because you need to be healthy. Fast bowling is a difficult task, there is a lot of pressure on your body, we are professional cricketers and playing for India is our dream. Yes, we are going to do it now. We can’t complain. We need to do our best. We try our best to stay fresh. It’s a challenge, but we do what we can. ۔ “

“It’s not like you pick and choose the games. If it’s the World Cup, you prefer the format accordingly. The World Test is the final of the championship, so you try to play more Tests. All we have to do is find out what the series is. Come on, there was a break because of Covid so we’ve played consistently since then. Must be fresh, we talk to the team management and then we decide that we Which format to prefer? “

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