India vs England: Umran Malik “Definitely An Exciting Prospect”, Says Captain Rohit Sharma

India vs England: Umran Malik “Definitely An Exciting Prospect”, Says Captain Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma missed the rescheduled fifth Test against England after testing positive for COVID-19, but has now recovered and is set to return to the three-match series in Southampton on Thursday. Will lead the team in the first T20I. For the first game, the choice Virat Kohli, رشبھ پنتAnd Jaspreet Bamrah Will not be available, but senior professionals will return from other sports.

Rohit addressed a press conference on Wednesday and spoke on a variety of topics, including team preparation, the fifth Test in which India lost by seven wickets, and “exciting prospects”. Imran Malik.

“My recovery from COVID-19 was good, eight or nine days have passed since I tested positive for COVID-19. We have seen that every athlete who tested positive for COVID-19 is different. He replied, “I don’t know what will happen next. But at the moment I am feeling very well. I started training three days ago so I decided to play the first T20 match. I have no symptoms.” Yes, all my tests have been negative and now I am waiting for the game, “said Rohit.

“It was hard to see from the sidelines. It’s never been easier when you remember the games, especially one such important game where the series was on the line for us. But speaking of symbols, I have a Struggling a bit for the couple. For days but I’m glad I’m back on my feet good and healthy because I’m looking forward to this T20I series. Too excited to be together, “he added.


Talking about fast bowler Imran Malik, Rohit said: “He is very much in our plans, he is just trying to make him understand what the team needs from him. A few boys and Imran for sure. As one of these guys, keeping an eye on the World Cup, we want to see what he has to offer us, he’s definitely an exciting prospect, no doubt about it, we’ve all seen it all. In the IPL, he can bowl fast. It’s about giving him that role, whether we want to give him a new ball or we want to use him at the back end, when you play for franchises. So the role is different when you play for the national team. It’s just about understanding how you can fit in these people and make them clear. “

Asked about the upcoming series, Rohit said: “Of course, keep an eye on the World Cup. I will not say it is preparation, every game is important to us for India. So we come here every time. We want to make sure that we work, as much as we want to keep an eye on the World Cup, we want to make sure that we are working here as well. Coming through performances for the IPL, they deserve their chance. England is going to be a very challenging team for us. We will look forward to the T20 series and then the ODI series against England. ” Added

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