Indian Football Moving In Right Direction: Former Premier League Manager Phil Brown

Indian Football Moving In Right Direction: Former Premier League Manager Phil Brown

Former Premier League manager Phil Brown believes that the 2022-23 season will be a game changer in Indian football with the re-introduction of cup matches with the league, which will help develop the game in the country. Former Hyderabad FC head coach believes that the increase in the number of matches will provide young people to the national team on time for the AFC Asian Cup.

“For me, as far as coaches in India are concerned, it is sky-high. This is a great development for Indian football. Coming to India as a foreign coach, we only have to train with the players. It’s time to connect. The more contact time you have with the players, the better the chances of the player getting better. In my opinion, this is the most important part for the betterment of the people. ” Brown said.

“The length of the season, taking it to nine months brings the contact time to another level. It helps to expand and improve the game but it also helps the coaches to know the players better from a psychological point of view. It helps. The whole package is now. Nothing but positive for the Indian player, “he added.

The domestic football season is set to begin with the Durand Cup in August. The ISL and the I League begin in October, while the season ends with a Super Cup in May 2023, with about nine months of football completed.

Brown believes the growing number of matches will open the door for many youngsters who want to press their case for the Indian national team. India qualified for the AFC Asian Cup for the second time in a row. Continental competitions are scheduled for June next year.

“The first XI of the national team takes care of itself but the next XI or one after that, you are talking about U23, U21 players in the national team. Through this calendar, these young players now have the national team. Ishan Pandita scored for the national team, in his first season at FC Goa, he was used only as a substitute, in the second season (with Jamshedpur FC), he came and played some games and Goals scored, and now look, they are pushing their case for a place in India First XI, the results are in front of you. Another example is Suresh (Singh Wangjam), two years ago he joined ISL. I was opening as another talent, now they have started these games for India. These are the paths that young players can now find, “Brown said.


“With the number of matches in the squad and the number of Indians, calculating the injury and rotation, every Indian player in the squad is going to be used. He can help develop himself. Some players who are not prominent in it. The start of the season will have a chance in the middle and all of a sudden you will get a run of 3-4 games. The 63-year-old added.

The ISL is set to move to a weekend schedule this season with matches played between Thursday and Sunday. “Playing on the weekends gives players a lot of comfort. With better preparation in the training areas and the arrival of spectators, it provides better quality products, after which the turn styles will unfold. “Fans will want to come because fans want to come. The product becomes more stable. Indian football is moving in the right direction with this decision,” the former Hill City manager concluded.

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