India’s Jehan Daruvala To Test Formula 1 Car For First Time With McLaren

India’s Jehan Daruvala To Test Formula 1 Car For First Time With McLaren

Young Indian racer Jahan Daruwala took a major step towards realizing his Formula 1 dream on Monday and took a two-day test with eight-time Constructors winner McLaren. The 23-year-old, who is currently in his third season in Formula 2, will travel the precious mile in a Formula 1 car for the first time. He will be driving the McLaren MCL35, which competed in the 2021 F1 Championship, on June 21 and 22 in Silverstone, UK.

The test, which is part of McLaren’s Testing Privacy Car (TPC) program, will provide the world with much-needed experience in a highly sophisticated Formula 1 car.

Tracktime will also help him earn enough points to apply for a super license, which is required to compete in Formula 1.

Although Jahan is part of the Red Bull Junior program, he has received the required permission from the Milton Keynes organization to test with the rival F1 team.

He has already said that the current Formula 2 season is a make or break for him as far as his Formula 1 dream is concerned. He is currently in the middle of his best season with five podiums in six rounds, which pushed him to third in the standings.

Speaking to media from the UK, the Mumbai-based driver said he was happy to have the opportunity but said it did not guarantee anything for 2023.

“It has nothing to do with getting a drive in my Formula 1 next year. Not many seats are opening in the F1 but I have the opportunity to be in the F1 car and perform well and if I get the chance I want to be ready, “he said.

“I’ve never driven a Formula 1 car before. This test is for me to find out about the car and its features and its limitations.” My goal is to win the F2 Championship and hopefully I will do well and my name is out. He will be circling the Silver Stone track at speeds of over 300 kilometers per hour, pushing his body to the limit, especially the neck which includes the G forces.

Refreshed by the F2 round in Baku, Jahan said he was ready to take a big step.


“Other than my neck, I haven’t done much extra work. I’ve been busy with my racing (F2). I’m generally very fit and don’t struggle so much. I’ll find out by the end of the week but I have prepared my body for the test. ” Jahan’s goal is to become the third Indian to run in Formula 1 after Narayan Karthikeyan and Krun Chandhok.

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