Leaving Controversies Behind, Indians Shine At Asian Track Cycling Championship

Leaving Controversies Behind, Indians Shine At Asian Track Cycling Championship

The first post-epidemic Asian Championship in the cycling weldroom of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium is proving to be a historic one for India. Onkar Singh, secretary general of the Asian Cycling Federation and former secretary general of the Indian Cycling Federation, who is said to be behind the success of the current generation of cyclists, told NDTV that it was an extraordinary performance. ۔ The shadow of controversy has been left behind for India and the team. Onkar Singh also highlighted the aims and ambitions of the Indian cycling team on their way to the World Cup, World Championships, and the Paris Olympics.

QuestionBefore the start of this international event, a major controversy arose. Has it affected the morale of this tournament or your team?

Onkar Singh: I don’t want to comment further on the whole story. I have already stated my position. We are backing our girl (athlete). We are supporting the committees set up to investigate the whole incident. I am also the co-chairman of the organizing committee of this event. Our athletes are doing a great show here. They will qualify for the World Cup and the World Championships. Let’s just focus on that.

QuestionWell, to date, India has won 20 medals, including some at the senior level. As you are saying, do you agree that they are moving towards qualifying for the Paris Olympics as planned?

Onkar Singh: Of course yes. We are one year ahead of our plan. This is a historic demonstration of Indian athletes. We never won at the senior level. But you see, our senior boys, girls and juniors have done very well. He has already won 20 medals. They are definitely going to add something to Kitty. I’m happy for them, but I’m not happy about that. I expected more.

Question: What do you expect from them in two years?

Onkar SinghOf course, there are World Cups, World Championships, Zonal Tournaments, Commonwealth Games and many more. That’s why we send our team to Europe. European cyclists have many opportunities to show off and hone their skills. In Europe, even our boys like Esso Albin, Ronaldo, David Beckham, James Singh and a few others have started snatching away their talents. It’s a long process. You can’t get instant results.

Question: But do you believe there is a foolproof plan?

Onkar Singh: Look, we work on it every day. More than 80% of the members of the Indian Cycling Federation are former cyclists. Our plan is based on research. We’ve kept track of the progress reports of legendary cyclists like Sir Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny and a few others. Our progress is well calculated.

QuestionIt can’t even be mathematical, from catching them young to making them champions. What are the areas of concern?

Onkar Singh: We identify the talents of athletes who have some basic athletic skills. We don’t look for cyclists. We pick the raw talent and then develop them here. We put these raw capabilities on a ‘watt’ machine and then measure their progress. Our methods have begun to yield results. Everything is scientific and we are not judging randomly.

Question: What would be your best bet at the highest level like Asiad, CWG and Olympics?

Onkar Singh: We have high hopes for the sprint event. In all four Sprint competitions, Keirin, Time Trial, Sprint, and Team Sprint, our team is making amazing progress. Our team of Esso, James, Ronaldo and David Beckham is probably the youngest team in the world. They have the ability and appetite to perform well at a high level. Many players like Brijit Yamunam, Maury Lotte, Vishwajit Singh, Neeraj Kumar, Pooja Dhanole, and others have proved their mettle. Therefore, we also have a strong bench to be relied upon.


Question: So, what is the roadmap for the Olympics?

Onkar SinghIf things go according to plan, we will definitely qualify for the Paris Olympics and be in the medal bracket at the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

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