“Lets Go To Nightclub And…”: Nick Kyrgios-Novak Djokovic Instagram Chat Goes Viral

“Lets Go To Nightclub And…”: Nick Kyrgios-Novak Djokovic Instagram Chat Goes Viral

File photo of Nick Kyrgios© AFP

It will be Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios who will face each other in the Wimbledon final, however, no one expected that the romance between the two would start before the summit clash. Djokovic and Kyrgyz go back a long way, but they both seem to have buried Hatchet. The two stars are engaged in a fun joke on Instagram and it looks like they will be going to dinner after the final, in which the winner will pay the bill.

It all started with Kyrgios re-posting a tweet on his Instagram story about the good relationship between the two, and he asked Djokovic if they were “friends now.”

Djokovic then responded to the Instagram story: “If you’re inviting me for a drink or dinner, I accept. Tomorrow’s PS pays the winner.”

Kyrgios didn’t stop there and said angrily: “Dale, let’s go to a nightclub and walk in collars.”


These social media posts have now gone viral on social media and fans praised the friendship between the two before the crucial final.


It is important to note that Kyrgyz was the person who openly criticized Djokovic in 2019, but then Djokovic resigned after Australia decided to deport the star due to the status of the Code-19 vaccination. He was the first person to come to the rescue.

Speaking of the Wimbledon final, it will be Kyrgyz’s first Grand Slam final, while Djokovic wants to win his 21st Grand Slam title.

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