Mahindra Racing CEO “Optimistic” About Hyderabad Making Formula E Debut In February Next Year

Mahindra Racing CEO “Optimistic” About Hyderabad Making Formula E Debut In February Next Year

Dilbagh Gul, CEO of Mahindra Racing and principal of the team, has revealed that Formula E cars will hit the streets of Hyderabad on February 11. Mahindra Racing has been a part of all electric series since its inception in 2014. An official announcement is expected later this month. “Careful optimism is the right word to use. The race should take place on February 11. We are in constant dialogue with the Telangana government. The race is on track and will be announced this month,” Gul told Jakarta. I told PTI for the first time on the occasion of Formula E race.

Talking further about the race and the proposed track, he said: “It’s a beautiful track that has been proposed and the infrastructure is really great. I’m sure we’ll have a world class show. It’s fast on the calendar. Is one of the latest tracks. ” The Telangana government intends to make the state a hub for EVs and a Formula E race will go a long way in helping it achieve this goal.

“It will be around the lake in Hyderabad and we are trying to keep it in the evening lights. Although it is a city race, we will not disrupt public life,” Gul said.

This race should give a big boost to Indian motorsports which has been in dire need of a high profile event since the end of Formula 1 after three seasons.

Race calendars consist mainly of temporary street circuits that are public roads on other days.

The FIA-approved World Championship has grown rapidly over the years, with world-renowned automakers including Mercedes, Porsche, Nissan and India’s own Mahindra.

‘Talking to Indian drivers for next season’

Since the first season of Mahindra Racing, there has been no Indian in its driver lineup when Kron Chandhok was around.

Driving for Indian attire can only be good for the team but Gill said nationality does not matter as long as they have the best drivers in the business.

“When we started, one of our pillars was to promote Mahindra as a global brand headquartered in India. For us, talent can come from anywhere.

“Some very good drivers are coming from India, where Daruwala, Arjun Mani and their brother Kush are also adding ranks. We are in talks with Indian talent but at the same time we want to make sure that They will succeed.

“Formula E is complicated. It takes time for most people to get the best out of a car.” The team will be happy to have Jahan on board but Mumbai Racer is currently in its third and most important season in Formula 2 which is one step below Formula 1.


“We also have to be very aware of the fact that Jahan’s dream is still F1. We will never get in his way. He is third in the F2 Championship and if F1 happens then we will We will be happy for him. He can always come to us in different parts of his career, “Gul added.

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