Max Verstappen Takes Austrian Sprint Pole, Misery For Mercedes

Max Verstappen Takes Austrian Sprint Pole, Misery For Mercedes

Max Verstappen claimed the pool for the Austrian Grand Prix sprint race because Friday proved to be a double whammy for the qualifying Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell both crashed into the Spielberg Circuit in the top-10 shootout, which was owned by Worstapan’s Red Bull team. Charles Laker’s Ferrari is the world champion in the front row of Saturday’s 100km sprint. In second row is his teammate Carlos Sanes, who is fresh from his first win at Silverstone last weekend, and second in the Red Bull is Sergio Perez. With five-and-a-half minutes of Q3, Hamilton made an unusual mistake by breaking the barrier at seven turns in the fast lap.

He soon got out of his car and walked towards the pits.

The session resumed after the red flag period when its mashed Mercedes was removed from the circuit.

But it wasn’t long before Russell stepped off the stage to leave Mercedes principal Tutu Wolf staring at his TV monitor, 10 years later.

With eight cars left to fight for the pool, Verstappen won with a time of 1 minute 05.852 seconds.

“There was a long wait between the two runs and it was never good. Once you get in the rhythm, it’s nice to keep going,” Versatpan said.

“But of course, I’m very happy with the pool; but I also know that you can get points tomorrow and Sunday,” he added.

Worstapen has an impressive track record, winning four of the last six in 2021 in the charming circuit of the Styrian Mountains.

Saturday’s sprint will shape the grid for Sunday’s race, the 11th round of the World Championships in which Worcester has a 34-point lead over Perez.


Russell worked hard before his exit to post the fifth fastest time with Esteban Okun (Alpine) in sixth, ahead of seventh and eighth Kevin Magnusson and fellow Haas driver McSchumacher, Fernando Alonso and Hamilton. Completed the top 10.

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