Max Verstappen Wins Sprint To Claim Austrian Grand Prix Pole

Max Verstappen Wins Sprint To Claim Austrian Grand Prix Pole

Max Verstappen won the sprint at the Red Bull Ring Circuit on Saturday to secure the pool for the Austrian Grand Prix and extend his lead at the World Championships. Starting in front of the grid, the world champion gently stopped the Ferraris of Charles Laker and Carlos Sanz and turned the air orange as his army of Dutch fans erupted in celebration. “Great to see the fans – so much smoke in the end!” Verstappen said after the Leap of Honor in the Red Bull Buggy.

In addition to claiming the pool in Sunday’s 11th race of the season, Worstappen added eight points to its drivers’ standing account.

“The car is good, just to fix a few things, but overall we’re competitive again this weekend,” he added.

Leclerc, which starts from the front row, is confident of a good start on Sunday to “put a little more pressure on Max”.

For Mercedes, George Russell finished fourth ahead of Worcester Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez, who made his way to most of the field after starting at No. 13.

For Alpine, Esteban Ocon and Kevin Magnussen were sixth and seventh, and Lewis Hamilton was eighth, earning the final point on the offer.

Both Hamilton and Russell were only participating when their mechanics worked with boards to repair their cars after they crashed in qualifying.

The drama initially began when Fernando Alonso’s Alpine refused to move forward when the Formation Leap Double World Champion race ended before it could begin.

Then as soon as the lights were packed, there was a problem behind Zhou Guanyu. The Alfa Romeo driver reported, “People’s engine stopped. The field was sent to the lap of another formation.

Verstappen stopped Ferraris in the first corner to enjoy a smooth victory, finishing third on the Styrian Mountains circuit after taking both Grand Prix matches in Spielberg.

He also beat Laker in the first sprint of the season at Amola, and he hopes to win the Grand Prix 24 hours later, like Italy.

When he had a little trouble on the 100km dash, he won by 1.675 seconds, there was a lot going on behind him.


Hamilton was even more disappointed than he was when he praised McSchumacher’s Haas, after the German reported that when his fight with the seven-time world champion was “fun”, he went through his team. Magnuson would have preferred to be free to pass.

Sunday’s run is 38 points ahead of Verstappen Perez and Laker is 44 points behind

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