Mercedes Boss Questions Attitude Of Fans Cheering Lewis Hamilton Crash

Mercedes Boss Questions Attitude Of Fans Cheering Lewis Hamilton Crash

Mercedes principal Tutu Wolf has “questioned the attitude” of fans who cheered after the crash of both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell at Austria’s Red Bull Ring Circuit on Friday. In the top 10 qualifying shootout for Saturday’s Austrian Grand Prix sprint race, there was a wave of excitement when Hamilton hit the wall hard in the seventh inning. After parts of the talent crowd, which consisted mostly of orange-clad Dutch supporters of world champion Max Verstappen, rejoiced when Russell also crashed.

“He’s not too much of a sportsman,” Wolf told a news conference Saturday at the WrestleMania Red Bull-owned circuit.

“Fans are happy when the driver crashes. You have to question the attitude and understanding of the game.”

Silverstone Versatopen was voiced at the British Grand Prix last weekend, a behavior that Hamilton criticized.

“Boeing isn’t good either,” Wolf said.

“As a team we fight, but Bong is a personal attack on a driver. The fans have to put themselves in that position.

“We want fans to be emotional and passionate, but it shouldn’t be when it’s personal.”

His fugitive counterpart Mattia Binotto echoed those sentiments.

“The F1 is a sport with a lot of passion around it, but you shouldn’t forget that it should be enjoyed – Boeing is never good, never right.”

Both of their cars were badly damaged and Mercedes mechanics were working to get the road ready on time for the second practice session of the week before the sprint at the end of the day.

Hamilton’s car has a spare chassis, which he has used this season.

“The boys are doing a great job,” Hamilton said in a video tweeted by Mercedes.

“It’s such a long order, they had to change the chassis. There can be no more change than that. I’m so proud of them, I wish I could help but I would just get in the way!”

Both Hamilton and Russell were performing well in qualifying before their accidents in another sign that they have finally overcome their talented but troubling car problems.

“It’s still hard to drive, but now we can fight for the front positions,” Wolf said.

“I was glad to see that they could attack, both drivers were ready in time, but having a fast car that ends up in the wall is better than a car that is ‘Steady Eddy’.

“There was a lot of damage. The garage looked like someone had knocked the Lego car to the floor.

“But I’m glad we have a more competitive car. Drivers are having more fun driving it.”


Worstappen won the pool for the sprint, the second of three this season, and the final order prepared the grid for Sunday’s Grand Prix, the 11th round of the season.

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