“My Job Is To Stay One Step Ahead”: India Star Harshal Patel On How To Outfox Batters

“My Job Is To Stay One Step Ahead”: India Star Harshal Patel On How To Outfox Batters

Because he does not have the speed of India’s medium fast bowler Imran Malik. Herschel Patel It feels like he has to expand his ‘variables’ game to advance his new international career. Herschel made his debut in India after the T20 World Cup last November and for more than six months in international cricket, the 31-year-old has taken 17 wickets at an average of 19.52 in 11 matches. The slow pitches are more in line with his bowling style and this was evident in the last two games after Kotla hit the hammer at real level in the opening match of the series.

As a smart operator, Herschel knows exactly how to cope with extreme pressures despite his limitations.

“Truth be told, people are trying to figure out what I have been bowling for the last two years (in the IPL). The more time he plays with each bowler, the more the opposition will realize that What are the strengths and patterns of bowlers?

“As a bowler, my job is to be one step ahead of them. At the end of the day, you can make 15 plans, but in a stressful situation on a particular day, if you don’t go out and act confidently, not everything happens. Don’t fall

“My focus right now is on trying to make the best possible delivery,” he said ahead of the fourth T20 against South Africa.

The mainstay of RCB’s bowling relies heavily on its variations to keep batsmen behind, and he says this is something he needs to constantly improve.

“I can’t worry about speed because I can’t bowl fast Imran Malik. I need to develop skills to be effective internationally. I have never been a fast bowler even though I can go close to 140 kmph on a good day.

“My focus has always been on developing the skills around my bowling and the limitations and benefits of my bowling.

“I would definitely like to play on slower wickets. It gives you a chance to fight. If you can continue playing on pitches like Delhi, it can hurt your confidence a little bit.


“We have bowlers who can bowl on all pitches, but when the pitches are a little slower and have a larger ground dimension, it brings them more into the game,” he said.

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