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My Top 5 Free Traffic Sources for Website and affliate marketing

My Top 5 Free Traffic Sources for Website and affliate marketing

if you are ignoring these five traffic

sources as an affiliate marketer you are

leaving money on the table

such a waste i’ve gotten results like

this this this and this

all from these traffic sources that i’m

going to show you and they require very

little time and honestly very little

expertise the reason that i chose these

traffic sources that i’m going to show

you is that they are less competitive

and honestly they’re a lot kinder to

brand new affiliates that are still

learning the game

My Top 5 Free Traffic Sources for Website and affliate marketing
My Top 5 Free Traffic Sources for Website and affliate marketing

unlike our friend google and the last

reason is that these traffic sources

that i’m about to show you

they don’t have extremely complicated

algorithms that you have to spend

years and years and years to figure out

so let’s dive in and talk about these

five traffic sources that affiliate

marketers are missing out on

number five is pinterest

okay now pinterest is something most of

us have heard of there’s nothing new


but look at these stats from my

pinterest account which gets very

very little love from me you can see

here we’re looking specifically at pin

clicks okay and you can see here in the

past 30 days we’ve gotten

155 000 impressions thousands of

engagements meaning clicks and things

like that but we’ve got a total audience

on our stuff of about a hundred thousand

and an engaged audience of people that

are clicking and things like that of

almost a thousand people

so this is driving almost a thousand to

two thousand people every month

to my blog which is less than what

google’s driving but we’re putting in

almost no work yeah life is good so all

our team does with pinterest is we pop

out a few pins a day and we use

templates to do it so we have a canva

account you can see on the screen right


and you can see we’ve just got a ton of

different templates

that we use that are all for pinterest

and we put out a blog post

or even just think about a subject and

all we do is really quickly throw it

change the words a tiny bit

switch out maybe the middle picture it

takes about 30 seconds to a minute then

we hop in here to pinterest right here

we upload the pin we add a title and a

small description

a few tags and we are good to go so it

takes about five to ten minutes per pin

you can pin to your own blog post and

help grow your own blog and email this

that way or you can directly pin to

landing pages you can directly pin

even to affiliate offers inside of

pinterest and we’ve made money

literally just putting in our affiliate

link making a small pin

and throwing it on pinterest the other

reason i love pinterest is it’s a search

engine and search engines bring passive

income meaning

i can put content out on pinterest and

it can bring me traffic six months from

now it can bring me traffic a year from

now and so search engines are the only

things that actually do that

and pinterest is one of the easiest

search engines to rank in especially as

a beginner number four is

cora i have got to admit to you guys

after i made a video about a month and a

half ago about korra and the potential

of korra i actually haven’t been doing

any posting at all on korra but we can

hop on the screen and look at these

stats that are still coming in from my


months ago and you can see i’m still

getting hundreds of views every single

day on the post that i put in the quora

and those hundreds of views if you look

here in bitly are resulting in clicks

still going to my lead magnets my

youtube videos my blog posts

all passively now quora is super cool

because you can actually

rank in google in quora within a matter

of hours so quora ranks for

millions of keywords in google and you

might not want to start a blog but you

can write these comments in quora

and if you have the best comment in

quora then you are ranking in google for

whatever quora is ranking for google for

that particular keyword

i love coral for beginners because it’s

really really easy to get started with


all you’ve got to do is create an

account you can search questions up here

and then you’ll literally just click


and it’s a very simple box right here

where you can answer and so you can


kind of the master of a single niche or

a single space on quora

very very easily just by answering all

the questions as they come up

it requires very little startup time

very little money and it can blow up

very very quickly so if you’re

interested in learning more about this

quora method there’s actually a video

right here we put out a few months ago

where i really break down

how to blow up on quora but essentially

all i’m doing is i’m finding the right


i’m writing these long posts right here

and inside of those posts within the

first few sentences i’m linking to my

own personal content

and that’s how you can see right here in

bitly you can see i’m getting clicks to

all of these links to my content

through quora very passively from that

number three is your own

personal facebook profile so

i know a lot of marketers that spent

years and years and years trying to

build up a list

this kind of looks like a list to me so

i know people that are using their

facebook profile to go from zero to five

figures a month

in literally 30 days all you’re gonna go

do is you’re gonna add

friends okay so right now you can see

i’ve got about uh

1898 friends you’re going to add up to 5

000 friends that facebook allows you to


then you’re going to go build a

relationship with them and then you’re

going to make offers to these friends

now who would have guessed it but i made

a video that breaks this down pretty


just a few weeks ago all you’ve got to

do is come right here click that video

and you can learn more about how to use

your own facebook profile

to drive massive amounts of traffic to

your affiliate links alright now before

i go on to number two

i need a little favor from you i need

this hand to smash the like button and i

need this hand to smash the subscribe


number two is tick tock

now i made a video just a few months ago

of course right here that you can watch

where i show how i grew a brand new tick

tock account from

zero to 100 000 subscribers in just a

matter of a few months

and i’m going to be honest that’s not

because i’m a tic toc guru

that’s because of what tick tock can do

so i talked in the beginning about

algorithms that are easier

tic tocs algorithm is much much easier

than almost any of the other social

platforms out there right now they give


anyone a chance now since i put out that

video right there i’ve been able to grow

my tick tock account to almost

half a million followers and now you can

see here on the screen that before i

stopped using the linktree software to

My Top 5 Free Traffic Sources for Website and affliate marketing

i was generating 42 000 clicks in a

matter of less than six months

that’s an amount that most marketers

spend thirty to forty thousand

dollars to get with paid advertising

that’s that’s uh too many numbers

now i know i know everyone out there

saying tick tock is just teens tick

tock’s four teams and the only people on

there are teams but i’ve sold

real estate packages i’ve sold high

ticket affiliate marketing courses i’ve

sold softwares i’ve sold

all kinds of things on tiktok and that

tells me that the audience is not

just teens like these other platforms

tick tock is very easy to get started on

and to put out content takes a matter of

15 to 20 minutes per video

and any video has the potential to go

viral i’ve had some of my worst videos

get literally millions of views all

right let’s have a little drumroll

for number one and number one is


now i kinda wanna hear in the comments i

wanna know who’s using clubhouse who’s


heard of clubhouse clubhouse is a funny

one because as of right now it’s only

available on

apple now if you’ve been in the internet

marketing space for a while you know how

easy it is to go viral on the new kid on

the block

easy when facebook came out it was so

easy people were crushing it with things

like facebook pages

instagram same thing tick tock same

thing well clubhouse just launched a few

months ago and there are people blowing


extremely quickly using clubhouse but

for a vast majority of people

they don’t even know what it is so it’s

kind of like a mix of

talk radio podcasts and facebook groups

all piled into one little platform and

it’s been so

successful that facebook has actually

come out saying they’re going to launch

a competitor

to clubhouse within the next few months


so with clubhouse all you’ve got to do

is create a room about a subject and

people can hop in and listen

they can raise their hand and then

interact directly with you they can ask

questions and you can answer them people

have been on there for eight hours just

hacking it’s like a big huge talk radio

but all being done over the phone and

people can hop in and out as they please

now i’ll be honest with you i’ve only

used clubhouse once but in that one time

we were able to get 600 people listening


these were interested people that were

interested in the exact product that i

sell in my business

600 people in my perfect audience

sitting there listening for me

on a platform that i just joined a few

days before

i’ll let you decide now obviously i’m

not saying go for all five of these

platforms at the same time but i would

encourage you to pick at least one of

these and add it to your affiliate

marketing quiver and don’t forget if

you’re an affiliate marketer there’s

two things you’ve got to do next one is

subscribe to the best affiliate
marketing channel on youtube

and then two there’s a webinar down

below that you can watch to kind of see

my affiliate marketing business and have

an inside peek at how i structure


for myself thanks so much for watching




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