Neeraj Chopra Sheds Light On Preparations For World Championships

Neeraj Chopra Sheds Light On Preparations For World Championships

Olympic champion Neeraj Chopra will try to break the 90-meter mark at the Senior World Championships later this month. The gold medalist of the Tokyo Olympics won the highest number of honors last year by throwing 87.58 meters in the event, becoming the first Indian to win a medal in athletics at the Olympics. Last month, Neeraj registered a throw of 89.30 meters at the Pau Normi ​​Games and then improved his own record in the Stockholm Diamond League with a throw of 89.94 meters. Ahead of the World Championships, Neeraj addressed a webinar on Wednesday where he talked about his preparations.

“My preparation is going well. I have played in three matches so far and I have performed well in all of them. In two of them I have registered my personal best, so it is going well. Tomorrow we Eugene will go and we will arrive. There by evening. The World Championships will start on July 15. My confidence has increased, it’s not just about the best throw, I’ve been consistent and that’s why I Feeling good. I lost the 90 meter mark by 6 cm so I will try to break it. The preparation has been really good, “Neeraj said.

“In June, we had big competitions and I played in them. My plan was to play in the Doha Diamond League, but we started late with the Asian Games in mind. We won the World Championships, the Commonwealth Games and Then the Asian Games, we planned accordingly. But now the Asian Games have been postponed, but because of the Asian Games we started to decide our season late. “

During the webinar, Neeraj also explained why he is wary of cameras that always follow players. Explaining the reason, Neeraj said: “I did not know that a video was being made in Stockholm (a video of an elderly man touching his feet went viral), if we are to be honored, we should do it. ۔ I’m afraid of the camera (we are afraid of the camera) We used to be in NIS, we used to dance and celebrate the way we wanted, but now the old videos are also going viral. It’s not like we stopped dancing, but it’s a little difficult, we have to be careful because we don’t know the video is being made. “

“It’s important to focus on what you’re doing. If we’re training, and I start thinking about something else, things can get complicated. After the Tokyo Olympics, I’m training. I couldn’t do it and my brain was running. That’s all. It’s important to stay focused, “Neeraj said.


If Neeraj manages to win in Eugene, Oregon, he will become the first man to throw a men’s javelin after winning the Olympic world title after Andreas Thorkelson of Norway in 2008-09.

“I have the same mentality now as I did in Tokyo to do my best. I learned from the last World Championships that during the qualification period, I didn’t know much. After that, I learned that we need to give our best even during the qualification period. Right now, the focus is on giving our best. I’m not thinking about distance and everyone, “Neeraj said.

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