New MoMA PS1 Director Resigns

New MoMA PS1 Director Resigns

Cat Foley, who Became a director In 2019, the MoMA PS1 and CoVID-19 epidemic barely gave her the opportunity to lead the museum, suddenly announcing on Friday that she was leaving the museum in Queens’ Long Island City on July 15.

“This has been an extraordinary opportunity to lead the MoMA PS1 over the last (approximately) three years and to work with all of you, our board, sponsors and funders,” he said in an email to staff. “I want you to know that I have the deepest respect and admiration for all of you, and that I am incredibly proud of all the work we have done together.”

He did not give a reason for his departure and declined to comment. But a person familiar with the situation, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak in public, said Foley had recently commented. Difficulty handling her work during a meeting with the museum’s chairwoman, Sarah ErisonAnd Glenn D. Lowry, Director of MoMA. In particular, Foley told Arizon and Lori that he had gained 40 since taking the job.

The MoMA PS1 nevertheless went ahead with its advantage GalaWhich took place on May 18 and honored Agnes Gund, the former chairwoman of the MoMA PS1, who has served on the museum and on the board of the MoMA. This was the first time the gala was held in the courtyard of MoMA PS1.

Just two months ago, I An interview with the New York TimesFowle outlined a passionate plan to create a distinct identity for his museum, focusing on access to Queens’ neighboring communities, emphasizing social justice issues and moving the museum away from MoMA. An independent website was provided.

In a statement, Erison called Foley “a talented curator and director.”

Arison added, “Kate has piloted innovative models of community engagement, diversified the use of the building and its courtyard to connect more deeply with the communities of Queens and New York, and the commitment and role of the PS1. Has strengthened as an artist-oriented organization, “Arison added. “We have a lot of admiration and respect for all of Kate – including her incredible work ethic and artistic vision.”

Foley said in a staff note that she would be the co-curator of an exhibition of recent work by Puerto Rican artist Daniel Lind Ramos, which opens next April “and look forward to working with you all.” Take this project forward. “

An interim leadership team will be led by Deputy Director Jose Ortiz. Molly Curzius, Director of Foreign Affairs; And under the guidance of Roba Katrib, the curator of the museum, Arizon and Lori.

“I’m really grateful she was released and thank those who worked hard for her release, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors,” Lori said in an email.

“It puts the community and the artists first,” Gund said in an interview. “She tried to make it work.”

Gund told the Times in April that she would like to see MoMA PS1 free from MoMA. Foley said at the time that he did not share this view, although he did not agree with the analogy that his institution is the child and the parents the mother. “I look at relationships from a collective impact perspective,” he said.

But sources close to the two museums say tensions between the two institutions have been running high for some time, as the MOMA is more powerful and control over the PS1 remains.

MoMA’s operating budget is quite large, – approximately $ 300 million – and it contributes 25% to the PS1’s $ 8 million budget, including 10% of its operating support and 15% of discretion from MoMA trustees and affiliate groups. included.

The PS1 – which has focused on experimental modern art since 1971 – in turn gives MoMA an additional programmatic dimension.

Those who have worked with the foul of British descent were shocked by the announcement. “I’m shocked,” said Jimmy Van Bremer, former chairman of the New York City Council’s Committee on Cultural Affairs. “I thought he was a true thinker and he did some wonderful things with the museum. I will definitely remember him.”

After coming to MoMA PS1 Garage Museum of Modern Art In Moscow, where she was chief curator, she was the first director to be appointed from outside the Foul Museum. Her predecessor, Klaus Beisenbach, began working there in 1995 and 2010 as a curator. Captured From the museum’s founder, Allana Hayes. The museum has been called the PS1 Contemporary Art Center since its inception in 1976. Integrate With MoMA in 2000 and Changed its name In 2010 MoMA PS1.

Fowl, who stepped down as director just before the epidemic, had to contend with financial losses that challenged every cultural institution during the lockdown. MoMA PS1 had to reduce its staff from 64 to 17. (Later it went back to 55.)

In moving the museum in a more progressive direction, Foul was widely seen as a clear departure from Beisenbach, which gave the museum a celebrity gift.

Local activists said they appreciated the growing openness of the MoMA PS1 for social purposes, the creation of its homeroom gallery, an exhibition space created by community groups. Fowle also reached out Queens Bridge HousesThe country’s largest public housing project.

She oversaw efforts to make the museum more physically welcoming to the community, creating gaps in the exterior walls, and allowing the courtyard to remain open when the building closes. The city approved a 9 million investment last year for the project.

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