Novak Djokovic vs Cameron Norrie, Wimbledon Men’s Singles Semi-Final Live Updates: Novak Djokovic Breaks Norrie Early In 4th Set, Closes In On Win

Novak Djokovic vs Cameron Norrie, Wimbledon Men’s Singles Semi-Final Live Updates: Novak Djokovic Breaks Norrie Early In 4th Set, Closes In On Win

Wimbledon 2022 Semi-Final Live UpdatesNovak Djokovic came down from one seat and is now leading Cameroon Nouri by one to two seats. The Serbs continued to break Nouri in the first game of the fourth set. Djokovic won the second set 6-3, before winning the third set 6-2. Nouri had earlier drawn the first blood in the first Wimbledon men’s singles semifinal against Novak Djokovic 6-2. Notably, Nuri and Djokovic have played only once before, in the ATP finals last November, where Serbia had just three games left. Six-time champion Djokovic made a stunning comeback in the quarter-final tie, losing the first two sets to Jenkinsner. Djokovic eventually won the match 5-7. 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-2. Norie also made it to the semifinals by defeating David Goffin in a thrilling five-set contest. Nouri became only the second British male player to reach the Wimbledon final in the open after former champion Andy Murray. The winner of the match will face Nick Kyrgios, who was given a walkover after two-time champions Rafael Nadal withdrew from the match due to injury. The final will be played on Sunday, July 10.

Here are the live updates of the Wimbledon 2022 semi-final match between Novak Djokovic and Cameron Nouri.

9:49 PM: DJOKOVIC Holds serve easily.

Novak Djokovic easily won the second game, as he took a 2-0 lead in the fourth set and did not lose a single point.

9:46 PM: Initial break in DJOKOVIC 4th set

Novak Djokovic is on a roll here! He defeated Cameron Nouri in the first game of the first set.

9:38 PM: DJOKOVIC took the third set!

Djokovic won the third set 6-2. He now moves on to a seat.

9:34 PM: NORRIES Holds!

Norrie puts it to make it 5-2. Djokovic will serve for the seat.

9:27 PM: DJOKOVIC broke again!

Nuri’s backhand went long and Djokovic broke the set for the second time. It has a 4-1 lead.

9:20 PM: Norris Holds!

A better game by Norrie as he has to compete 1-3. Djokovic is now in full control.

9:13 PM: DJOKOVIC Breaks!

Djokovic finally broke Nuri, ending a tumultuous game.

9:00 PM: DJOKOVIC beat it 1-1!

IDjokovic made it a set. Noori won the second set 6-3 after extending his backhand.

8:55 PM: DJOKOVIC Breaks!

Djokovic broke Nuri and will now serve for the set. He is 5-3 ahead.

8:49 PM: Noori saves two break points!

Nouri made it 3-3 as Djokovic fails to invest. It was a big catch.

8:38 PM: Noori survived!

Norrie saves a break point to square everything in this second set.

8:32 PM: DJOKOVIC leads!

Djokovic led Nuri’s two polls to one over the other. Good start with Serb.

8:25 PM: DJOKOVIC Holds On!

Djokovic made a strong start in the second set. Takes the first game.

8:21 PM: Noori took the first set!

Noori won the first set 6-2. A roar from the crowd at the Center Court.

8:17 PM: Light Breaks Again!

Nouri is now 5-2 and just one game away from taking the first set.

8:10 PM: DJOKOVIC broke again!

Nuri broke Djokovic once again and now has a 3-2 lead in the first set. A loud roar from the crowd for the local man.

8:04 PM: Noori made it 2-2!

Nouri maintained his serve, taking the fourth game to level things up in the first set.

7:59 PM: DJOKOVIC Holds On!

Djokovic takes the game, and now has a 2-1 lead in the opening set. There have been many mistakes made by Noori so far.

7:57 PM: DJOKOVIC Breaks Back!

Djokovic returned the right to make it 1-1.

7:53 PM: Light Break!

Nuri broke Djokovic in the first game to take the lead. 1-0 to Noori (40:30). A loud roar from the crowd

7:49 PM: Match started!

Djokovic to serve !!

7:40 PM: Coming Soon Match!

The match is about to begin when Nuri and Djokovic enter the center court.

7:19 PM: Start late!

The match has been delayed due to the ongoing women’s doubles semi-final match.

7:13 PM: DJOKOVIC I Back to Back Titles !!

Djokovic is on track to win 26 matches at Wimbledon as he seeks to win seven titles with Pat Sampras – just one behind Roger Federer’s record of eight men’s titles.


While Nick Kyrgios is enjoying a four-day break before the final, following Rafael Nadal’s decision to withdraw, Djokovic will face Nouri in the only semi-final.

6:49 PM: Hello!


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