Pakistan Cricket Board Chief Ramiz Raja Uses Bulletproof Vehicle Owing To Security Threat: Report

Pakistan Cricket Board Chief Ramiz Raja Uses Bulletproof Vehicle Owing To Security Threat: Report

File photo of PCB chief Rameez Raja© AFP

Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Rameez Raja Told the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Sports that they use bulletproof vehicles due to security threats. Asked about the benefits and benefits he enjoys as chairman of the board, Rameez said he was not a “huge financial burden” on the PCB because the former national team captain, among other things, had to pay for his medical expenses. Take care A source familiar with the proceedings of the meeting said, “Rameez told the committee members at one stage that he used the board’s bullet-proof vehicle only for security reasons, otherwise he would have avoided taking any concessions from the PCB.” Do. “

He said that after the change of government, no member of the National Assembly Committee had asked Rameez about his future as chairman of the board and no one had asked him about his resignation. Why didn’t I think as others before him have done whenever the government has changed. .

“During the two-hour long meeting, Rameez made it clear to the committee members that they only use the daily allowances, hotel and travel expenses given to the chairman under the service rules.” Rameez had said that his predecessors in the PCB’s top job had also used bulletproof cars due to security threats.

This is the first time Rameez has appeared before a parliamentary committee.

Sources said that the committee members had asked Rameez why the board had not submitted the Auditor General’s report on annual expenditure, to which the former captain replied that it was an official document and available to him at any time. Is.

“But the members asked him to present the AG’s report himself at the next meeting.” Sources said that Rameez has confirmed that the accounts of the board have been audited by the AG’s office since 2012-13.


Sources said that the committee members asked Rameez about the team’s performance, future promises, PSL and other foreign team tours.

“Most of the members have expressed satisfaction with the work of the board since Rameez took charge last September and also appreciated the performance of the team,” he added.

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