Ranji Trophy Final Centurion Sarfaraz Khan Celebrates Century In Sidhu Moosewala Style, Dedicates Ton To Singer

Ranji Trophy Final Centurion Sarfaraz Khan Celebrates Century In Sidhu Moosewala Style, Dedicates Ton To Singer

“This sleep is due to my father, his sacrifices and holding my hand when I could go down and out.” Sarfraz Khan Named after his best century father and coach Nowshad Khan, he began to suffocate in front of the scribes. Those who follow Mumbai cricket closely know how tough Nowshad is for his sons Sarfraz and Mushir (also in the Mumbai squad) who have no life beyond cricket. So is the India of dreams now on the call up card? Here in the final of the Ranji Trophy, after Mumbai scored a century at 374 against Madhya Pradesh, their eyes were opened while answering this question.

“In our lives, it’s all about the little dreams we have. The dreams we (he and his father) have had together. He has scored about 2000 runs because of my ‘Abu’, ‘he said.

When there is no match, the brothers train six to seven hours a day under the supervision of their father.

He has faced disciplinary issues, has not been a favorite of the Establishment, and had to migrate to UP for a season before returning, and had to complete a cooling off period before being re-elected to Mumbai. Was

“You all know what happened to me. If it weren’t for Abu, I would have perished (you all know what I went through and if it weren’t for my father I would have perished by now).” “There has been a lot of struggle and I get emotional when I think about how my father handled it all. He never let go of my hand. My brother gave me a status on his cell phone and I told Abu. I can see. Very happy. It made my day. ” He finally managed to smile.

Fans of Sadhu Musa Wala

Asked if his thump-thump ceremony was an imitation of Punjabi singer Sadhu Musa Wala, who was recently shot dead by a gang, he said it was an idea.

“It was for Sadhu Musa Wala. I like his songs a lot and mostly me Hardik Tamur (Keeper) Listen to his songs. I had a similar celebration (in his memory) during an earlier match, but again, the hot star didn’t show it. I had decided that once I scored another century, I would repeat the celebration, “said Dabangg Mumbaikar.

Planning and patting the selector on the back

Sarfraz is close to 1,000 first-class runs this season (currently 937) with an average of 81 from Brad Minsk.

“This is my best innings so far in the Ranji Trophy because it is the final and it came at a time when the team was in trouble. We were losing wickets intermittently.

“My goal was that no matter what happens, I will not throw my wicket away even if it means I have to play 300 balls. The more balls I play, the bigger my innings will be,” Sarfraz said. He scored 134 runs off 243 balls. Day.

Ranji has a special century in the final as it reminds him of carrying a heavy cut bag in Mumbai local which was with his father Nowshad, and also years of grinding.

“When I was young, I dreamed of scoring a century wearing a Mumbai jersey. When I dreamed of that, I wanted to score a century in the Ranji Trophy final when the team was in a critical condition. Later I was overwhelmed with emotion, “said Sarfraz.

Sarfraz said once Shams Malani Already out in the over, he had to change his game plan.

“Once Shams was out, I realized there could be a fall in the corner as MP Seamers was moving a lot from the track. He was playing a good hard ball but then I had some contributions. Which brought me closer to him. So, “he said.

He did not say which national selector. Sunil Joshi He may have been told about his senior team selection in the future, he said, adding that he was praised for hitting the MP’s tactics.

“It was nice to talk to Sunil Joshi Sar. He understood that Chandu Sar (Chandra Kant Pandit) had asked his bowlers to block my swap shot and he said that it was good for me to rotate the strike. I can even when my pet shot was stopped. ” Putting his happiness aside, Sarfraz had a word of caution for his bowlers as he felt that after reaching 123 for one in reply to Mumbai’s 374, to put the MP under tremendous pressure. The third morning will require some more discipline.

“We need to be a little more disciplined tomorrow but I can tell you that the game is far from over. And don’t forget, they have to bat last on this track.


“In any case, we are very confident that we will have a first innings lead but, if somehow, we lose the first innings lead, we will get it in the fourth innings,” Sarfraz said. . “

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