Ranji Trophy Final, Day 4: Rajat Patidar Hits Ton As Madhya Pradesh Lay One Hand On Coveted Trophy

Ranji Trophy Final, Day 4: Rajat Patidar Hits Ton As Madhya Pradesh Lay One Hand On Coveted Trophy

Rajat Patidar Madhya Pradesh sealed their class with an authentic century on the fourth day of the rain-hit peak here on Saturday at the bottom of their historic Ranji Trophy victory over 41-time champions Mumbai. Hyuns opened just minutes before the tea break, and Madhya Pradesh finished their first innings at 536 shortly after resuming with a game-changing 162-run lead, courtesy Patidar’s brilliant 122, most of which There were more than 20 fours.

The batsmen on both sides have scored four centuries but none of them have more class and ability than Patidar, who was in his own league when it came to regal drives on both sides of the wicket.

At stumps, Mumbai erased some deficit, reaching 113 for two. Prithvi Shaw (44 off 51 balls) and Hardik Tamur (25 off 32 balls), pushing the order, showing some positive intent but throwing your wickets in frustration for fast runs.

Shaw was bowled out off stump with a classic plan for wide bowling and eventually took one from Guru Yadav directly into the hands of the cover.

With 95 overs left in the final day, Mumbai’s chances of winning the match are slim unless they score more than 320 runs in 50 overs (including Saturday’s over) and 150 for MP with at least 45 runs. Set a goal. Take 10 wickets in 50 overs.

The wicket is not showing any signs of falling and therefore the possibility of MP falling in the fourth innings does not seem close at this time. In particular, knowing that they have a first-innings lead, the MPs would like to lower the shutters from here as the end will prove to be the case.

The day was Patidar’s.

When the fourth day started, the MP needed seven more runs to take the lead in the first innings, but more importantly, Patidar had to play at least one session and he did it with at least some fuss. What can now be decided in the context of the match. the game

Patidar hit seven more fours after his 13th over on the third day and when he was dismissed for 122 off 219 balls, Madhya Pradesh’s lead had crossed 100 and the sad faces of the Mumbai players said it all.

A poker-faced Chandrakant Pandit, who sat in a corner of the dressing room for four days, can now endure a wide smile because no miracle can change things for his “home state”.

Madhya Pradesh’s innings lasted exactly 14 hours and two minutes and by the end of it all, they had bowled out Mumbai, a similar torment that the domestic powerhouse has been accustomed to inflict on its opponents for years.

Patidar first hit the on-drive off موہت اوستھی It was pushed through a boundary for a boundary and then through a cover point for a couple to give the MP a significant lead.

When a player finds his influence at a high level, he tends to dominate at that level which is marked below. The IPL may be a white ball match, but the confidence that Patidar gained from his century against the Lucknow Super Giants on May 25 came in handy in the IPL eliminator. He made the best use of it a month later, on June 25, when he scored the eighth and most important century of his first-class career.

The basis of MP’s success this season has been his batting and consistent 2, 3 and 4 runs.

While Patidar has scored 628 runs so far and is at the second position. Sarfraz Khan (937) In the list of run scorers, Yash Dubey (613) and شبھم شرما (578) have also won their bands with match-winning performances.

If Dubey and Sharma provided strength, Patidar added excitement with his brave stroke play but at the same time was smart enough to know when he needed to defend.

Malani, the tireless operator

Shams Malani The better part of the third day was disappointing when he bowled 40 overs with just one wicket to demonstrate his efforts. His last figure on 63.2-11-173-5 may not be a pretty readable read but the left-arm spinner gave his all as Shaw used it from one end to the other without any change until lunch. What

He was better on the fourth morning as he bowled a touch slower through the air and flew the ball more as he sank on some lower middle order batsmen.

He found a worthy ally in Awasthi (32-7-93-2) Tishar Deshpande (36-10-116-3) was fast in his two mantras.


The Patidar cleanup delivery was an off-cutter with a wide crease.

The person whose performance stood out like a thumb wound. Dusting (24-4-53-0), who played mostly harmless balls on the ‘fifth’ and ‘sixth’ off-stump channels.

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