Ravichandran Ashwin Suggests Radical Change In LBW Rule When Batters Play This Shot

Ravichandran Ashwin Suggests Radical Change In LBW Rule When Batters Play This Shot

S India off spinner Ravi Chandran Ashwin He feels that the batsmen should decide the leg before the wicket even if the ball is bowled outside the league stumps if they lose the switch hit attempt. Under current rules, even if a player hits the outside of the leg stump, it cannot be done before the leg if it hits the leg, which is considered a ‘blind spot’ for batsmen. “My question is not whether he can play a reverse swap, whether it’s a negative bowling strategy (bowling outside the league stumps), my point is about the LBW. It’s unfair. He was not ordered to LBW, “Ashwin said on his YouTube channel.

“Let the batsmen play switch hit, but give us LBW when they miss. How can you say it’s not LBW when the batsman returns? If they start giving it in all formats of the game, then bowling And there can be some equality between bowling. Batting, “said Ashwin, who has 442 Test wickets.

The off-spinner referred to the recently concluded fifth Test between India and England where the hosts chased down a record 378 runs to tie the five-match series 2-2 with unbeaten centuries. Joe Root And Johnny Barstow.

“In this game, it was about the approach taken by Joe Root and (Johnny) Bairstow. Root played about 10 shots, where he tried to reverse sweep completely.

“He played it 10 times but couldn’t connect with 9 of them. The 10th time, he got under age and got away.

“Blind spot” occurs when a ball hits the outside of the league stump and is not visible to the batsman while standing in his original position.

Ashwin insisted that when Root deviated from his original position and stood like a left-handed batsman playing a reverse swap, it was no longer a “blind spot”.


“This is where I have a slight difference of opinion. As a bowler, I’m telling you I’m bowling left-arm spin from the stumps and I have this (league side) field.” Hender, but you play that reverse swap and hit like the left hand.

“But when Root does that, he won’t be LBW out because of the blind spot. It’s just a blind spot when you’re in your normal position. Once you play the reverse swap and the left hand position. It’s a blind spot. It’s in front, “said Ashwin.

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