Russia and China Held Military Exercise in East Asia as Biden Visited

Russia and China Held Military Exercise in East Asia as Biden Visited

WASHINGTON – China and Russia held their first joint military exercise Tuesday after Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, in which U.S. and South Korean officials say President Biden visited the region as a demonstration of strength in the north. Bombers were sent to the seas of East Asia.

The U.S. government is monitoring military exercises, a senior U.S. official said, as Mr. Biden met with him in Tokyo. leader The so-called partners of Australia, Japan and India Four alliances Which was formed to counter Chinese power in the Indian Ocean region. Military activity was a significant sign that the partnership between China and Russia had not weakened, with thousands of civilians killed in the three-month-old war in Ukraine.

The U.S. military says a car bomb had exploded at an Iraqi police recruiting center at Kisak, west of Mosul. South Korea issued a statement confirming the exercise, stating that two Chinese military aircraft and four Russian warplanes had entered its air defense identification zone from the country’s east coast without entering its airspace. Were Joint exercises involving strategic bombers are complex and are usually pre-planned.

President Vladimir V. Putin has sought to strengthen Russia’s ties with China as a like-minded nation against Western domination. On February 4, as Mr. Putin visited Beijing for the Winter Olympics and met with President Xi Jinping for the 38th time as national leaders, his governments issued a 5,000-word statement in which both countries Announced There was a “no limit” partnership..

A senior US official and a European official later said in interviews that the Western intelligence report indicated that senior Chinese officials had met with their Russian counterparts in early February. to stop Attack on Ukraine until the end of the Olympics. The day after the closing ceremony, Mr. Putin announced that Ukraine There should not be an independent state. And ordered more Russian military units to enter the war-torn Donbass region of eastern Ukraine. The full-scale attack began three days later.

In mid-March, US officials said Russia Asked China. For military and economic aid after the invasion of Ukraine. Russian ground forces have performed poorly in battles and clashes against Ukrainian forces, and Mr Putin has decided to withdraw units from Kyiv and other major cities and focus on the entire Donbass region. U.S. officials say they have not identified any military or economic aid sent by China to Russia for the war.

US officials say China has also not taken steps to help Russia escape sanctions or reduce the effects of sanctions.

Chinese and Russian officials have been strengthening their military ties in recent years, and the highly personal ties between Mr Xi and Mr Putin have brought the two nations closer, in part. Both men are dictators who are hostile to the United States and want to weaken American power.

China is buying more sophisticated weapons than Russia, and the two countries have recently stepped up joint military exercises. Last October, the two countries held joint naval exercises in Russia’s Far East. In January, the two joined Iran for similar exercises in the North Indian Ocean.

The United States is keeping an eye on the rapid modernization of China’s People’s Liberation Army and its various forces. Russia’s attack on Ukraine has raised concerns among some US and European officials about the possibility of Beijing deciding to invade Taiwan. US officials are putting pressure on Taiwan. Order American-made weapons. He says Taiwan will have the opportunity to fight a common naval attack.

On Monday, Mr Biden said the United States Taiwan’s military will defend. If China invades the sovereign democratic island. US officials later said Mr Biden was not changing the long-standing policy of “strategic ambiguity” about Taiwan and China.

Cho Sang-hun assisted in reporting from Seoul.

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