Sepp Blatter Says Michel Platini Payment Was “Gentleman’s Agreement”

Sepp Blatter Says Michel Platini Payment Was “Gentleman’s Agreement”

Sepp Blatter did so with a “gentlemen’s agreement.” Michelle Platini The former world football chief held his trial on Thursday to pay him one million Swiss francs ($ 1.02 million) a year as an adviser. The French football legend jokingly demanded a million dollars from Blatter without elaborating on the currency, and the then FIFA president agreed with some of the money – out of the agreement he had signed – “later The federal criminal court in Switzerland heard the case and agreed to pay.

Blatter and Platini are being prosecuted for paying 2 million Swiss francs to the former French captain in 2011, who was then in charge of European football’s governing body UEFA.

The trial in the southern city of Belenzona – which began in 2015 and lasted six years – began on Wednesday.

Evidence from Thursday’s first day saw the trial live by Blatter and Platini – on points, to the amazement of the court – about the extraordinary nature behind the scenes at the height of world football.

Platini served as Blatter’s adviser between 1998 and 2002. They signed an agreement in 1999 for an annual compensation of 300,000 Swiss francs, paid in full by FIFA.

Platini, 66, is considered one of the greatest players in world football. He won the Ballon d’Or three times in the mid-1980’s, which is considered the most prestigious individual award.

Blatter, now 86, joined FIFA in 1975 and became president of football’s world governing body in 1998.

Mr Blatter told the court he had approached Platini for advice, which included political visits, reforms to the international calendar and financial support from national federations.

– ‘I want a million’ –
“When I was elected president of FIFA, our record was bad. But I thought one person in football could help us – FIFA and me,” Blatter told the court.

Platini said: “When Mr Blatter asked me to be his adviser, he asked me what salary I wanted. I was surprised that he asked me this and I told him: ‘I have one. Millions are needed.

“Sapph told me: ‘What a million?’ And jokingly, I said, ‘Pesitas, lira, ruble, Marx; you decide.’

“Well, one million Swiss francs,” he told me, recalling Platini, adding that he had “fallen victim to the miracle” of the former Swiss football administrator.

Josephine Conto Albrezio, presiding over the three judges hearing the case, hesitated, then tried to make sure Platini understood the “difference in values” between the currencies.

“I’ve never been in an administration like FIFA, I don’t know how it works,” Platini said. “I answered like this: a million.”

Mr Blatter recalled that Platini had told him: “I am a millionaire.” I told him: “Then you will be a millionaire with me.” Was “able”.

Prosecutors allege Blatter signed an invoice for 2 million Swiss francs presented to FIFA by Platini in 2011, almost nine years after he ended his job as Blatter’s adviser.

– ‘Comfort will come later’ –
Mr Blatter said the 300,000 Swiss francs a year was a temporary arrangement.

Platini told me, “That’s not all,” and I replied: “The rest will come later,” said the former FIFA chief.

Mr Blatter insisted he had agreed with Platini that the deal would be settled if FIFA’s weak finances allowed it.

“It’s a salary that was owed,” he insisted.

“I don’t know why we are in a criminal trial for administrative procedures,” he said in a tense voice, reiterating that since the investigation began in 2015, he has been sentenced to “seven years in prison – an eternity.” Passing through

Judges wondered why Platini had received a receipt of only 2 million francs from FIFA in 2011, instead of the 2.8 million he owed under the oral agreement.

Platini said – “It’s my fault. I misunderstood him,” Platini said – laughing in the courtroom – saying he did not see how much he had already been paid.

“I realized this when the prosecutor showed me the 1999 contract during the interrogation,” he said.

Judge Conto Albrezio asked Platini why he never bothered to mention the balance.

Platini said: “I have never been worried about money, because since I was 17, I have made a good living.”

Blatter and Platini have been charged with fraud and forgery. Blatter is accused of embezzlement and criminal misconduct, while Platini is accused of complicity.


The trial is set to begin on June 22 and the three judges will deliver their verdict on July 8.

If convicted, the couple could face up to five years in prison or a fine.

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