Shopping for Media Consoles – The New York Times

Shopping for Media Consoles – The New York Times

As televisions and speakers become increasingly smart, smooth, and wireless, the filth of components and cables that once cluttered living spaces is slowly disappearing. But it is still helpful to have a good media console, whether you have the latest ultrathin TVs, vintage stereo devices or both.

“They are usually the center of the living room or family room that is used as a TV viewing room,” said Clara Jung. Banner day interiorsAn interior design firm based in San Francisco.

The good news is that with fewer sections, your media console can be more easily hidden. Ms Jung said it could look more like a stylish Credanza than a flickering control center, better for a spaceship.

And these days, most consoles have plenty of space to store other things, such as books and toys.

“We see them as a multi-purpose piece,” said Ms. Jung. “They should enhance the overall design of the space.”

  • Can you use regular Credanza or Vintage Cabinets as your media console? Yes, but you may need to drill holes in the back for the cables, said Ms. Jung, which is easily done with a hole saw.

  • Does the console need a semi-transparent door or open bay for components that use an infrared remote control? It depends on your setup, but it is no longer necessary for many people with smart TVs.

  • Should the TV focus on the console? Centering is a good option, Ms. Jung said, but when you have a particularly tall console or picture frame style television, consider having a TV on one side and art and accessories on the other.

Custom plywood and powder coated steel console

About $ 875 in Floyd:

Maple console with front details of overlapping drawers

On Blue Dot; 2,595: 844-425-8368 or

Nathan Young’s Lord’s Wood console

Access within design at $ 1,795: 800-944-2233 or

Console with lacquered finish and brass accents

انت 1,198: 800-309-2500 or in Anthropology

Black or walnut console with sliding doors

At West Elm; 699: 888-922-4119 or

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