Stuart Broad Reveals How Brendon McCullum Inspired England’s Thrilling Test Win vs New Zealand

Stuart Broad Reveals How Brendon McCullum Inspired England’s Thrilling Test Win vs New Zealand

Stuart Broad The England coach says. Brendan McCullum Impressed with the dramatic victory in the second Test against New Zealand by telling his team to “run away from danger”. McCullum has revived England with a new captain. Ben Stokes And the improvement brought about by the positive attitude of the new government has been remarkable. England have failed to win any of their last five Test series, winning just one of 17 matches before New Zealand’s current match. But after defeating the Test world champions by five wickets in the second match in a row, England will head to Headingley next week to complete the clean sweep.

Just over a year ago, England under the guidance of the then coach Chris SilverwoodThe draw was decided after refusing to take a target of 273 in 75 overs against New Zealand.

But, fired by Johnny BarstowK Stunning 136 and McCullum’s tumultuous words, England stormed to victory in Nottingham when they chased 299 runs in just 50 overs.

“There is no doubt that the eagle’s influence is already there,” Broad said.

“It’s a far cry from thinking about how to move the game forward. It’s not something to dig into. I’ve been changing rooms where it used to be.

“The falcon team was talking a lot, ‘Let’s attack the danger; let’s run to the danger’, so every part of your mind is about this victory.

“It’s never been like, ‘If we lose one, we can close the shop.’ It was always ‘We’re going to win,’ and if that doesn’t work, don’t worry about it.”

McCullum is determined to end the noise around England, and Broad is impressed with the ability to combine his noses for the game with a simple mission statement.

“I don’t think he has spoken particularly deeply, his whole mantra is about enjoyment and fun. The energy is this: How good is Test cricket? How good is this ground? What can you get out of it? ” The veteran fast bowler said.


“He looks like a boy with a cricketing mind who is working all the time, wondering how we can change the game.

“It’s not just a compliment to the boys who made the century, it’s the little things, the fielding bits, the momentum changes in the game. He’ll draw attention to that.”

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