Summer 2022: Great One-Piece Bathing Suits

Summer 2022: Great One-Piece Bathing Suits

It’s finally, really, hot swimming season.

Summer has the potential for relaxation and freedom, and Swimming One of the purest tensions of these things. But if your bathing suit isn’t what you want it to be, you’ll focus on your body instead, and what it’s showing – and to whom. Instead of jumping on the rocks by the lake or jumping on the surf, you are more likely to be distracted by your appearance.

If you, like many people I know, have been paralyzed by shock and complex emotions and less important fears over bathing suit options, you may still have to find a solution. I’m not successful. I wish I could say it was unusual, but every summer around the 4th of July I find myself in this position: still need something to wear in different waters, unreasonable with all available options As unhappy Also, they have become very expensive!

Many of my colleagues in the Times express this lament.

“The perfect bathing suit is just like the perfect relationship: trust is essential,” said Dudai Stewart, a senior Metro author. You need to know that it will work. “There’s a deal-breaking and non-negotiable deal: it should have a flattering cut, provide enough tension to keep the break and no weird tan lines as a result.”

But how can we build trust when there are more bathing suit brands than at any time in history, each hitting us several times a week on social media with every imaginable design – the smallest triangle From full coverage rash guards and UV blocking turtlenecks. From Australia? Commitment to someone means knowing how great a suit looks on the model, when it is full of your specific reality, it can not live up to the fantasy.

Pui-Wing Tam, deputy business editor, lamented the online shopping minefield. “In many places, most bikinis or tanks are sold with ridiculously deductible deductions and very little support. It seems that the manufacturers think that the population wearing swimming suits is only premature girls.”

Once you find the suit of your choice, it becomes difficult to give it up.

“I’m almost 60,” said Tina Jordan, deputy editor of Book Review. “I have two children. I have broken bones and to prove it I have a beaten, slightly knotted body. Wearing a bathing suit is not a problem for me. I am comfortable in my skin. . ” Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Emily Weinstein, editor of Food and Cooking, told me that her favorite bathing suit was the one she wore during pregnancy. Although she “wanted to be one of those women on the beach in two pieces, who collided heavily and came out a little destructively in the sun”, she was given drugs early in her pregnancy that were bleeding. Prevents clots, a daily injection that breaks her stomach so much that two pieces won’t work.

After spending hours online, she found Breton’s striped tank suit with thin straps that contained “no scree raffles or maternity kits that were the curse of maternity swimwear at the time,” she said. In it she felt invincible. “I don’t expect to have more children, and I gave away every other piece of maternity clothing I had long ago. But it’s not a bathing suit.”

We want our bathing suits to satisfy us actively, and perhaps more importantly, emotionally. Kate Guadagnino, Deputy Digital Editor of Tea Magazine, said: “I think the ideal is in terms of my suit – and for myself – it weighs more than any self-awareness that can last from my teenage years. To do. “

Like Proust with his Madeleine, swimming suits are often portals of our past. “When I was a female gymnast, I used to wheel cart under the beach instead of walking. I still do it from time to time,” said Lori Leibovich, editor of Well. “I need a bathing suit if I I don’t move the cart wheel. “

“I have a picture of a 12-year-old with a bright, raspberry-colored piece with a scope neck and spaghetti straps,” said Sasha Weiss, culture editor at New York Times Magazine. “I see bathing suits marking the heyday of childhood. Every time I buy a bathing suit, I realize now that I am unconsciously trying to imitate the original. Trying, but I never succeeded.

And yet, for some, the search for a bathing suit is about playing against the memories of these teens.

For Jenny Choi, managing editor of Times Magazine, the question of what she wants from a bathing suit goes a little deeper. Growing up in a conservative Christian family where the only “nice” type of bathing suit was “Speedo with a Skirt”, Ms. Choi just wanted a flame red, high cut, push up eye catcher. “While all my social and family conditioning has taught me to believe that the kind of attention that comes from a bathing suit is bad, and getting that kind of attention is probably a woman’s worst wish, but true It’s like I’m looking for a suit that frees me from my own doubts, and hundreds of voices in my head telling me, ‘No, not that, not for you, never.’

With all these impossible standards, emotional stuff and pure, old desires in mind, we’ve chosen dozens of sensible but flawed one-piece suits available right now. (If you’re looking for a bikini, good speed.) Some of them go beyond the “no weird tan lines” requirement, some lean towards athletics and others offer maximum coverage. ۔ Consider it a primer in your search for this summer’s Platonic ideal of easy swimming fashion. And if you find someone you really like, and can afford it, consider buying one extra: you never know how long it will take to find the perfect suit again.

As Ms. Stewart put it, “you should be able to spend hours on the beach or in the pool, enjoying the delicious feeling of weightlessness and good humor – and not thinking about your swimming suit at all.”

Prices reflect the lists of brands’ websites at the time of publication.

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