Taking Our Players To Next Level Is Our Immediate Goal: India Coach Ramesh Powar

Taking Our Players To Next Level Is Our Immediate Goal: India Coach Ramesh Powar

This is the beginning of a new era for the Indian women’s cricket team. Mithali Raj He said goodbye to international cricket last week. Herman Phantom Corps He has a lot of experience to lead in T20 and that is why he has been appointed as ODI captain. His first responsibility will be the next limited overs series against Sri Lanka starting June 23. On the tour, India will play three T20Is and three ODIs. The T20s will be played in Dambulla while the ODIs will be played in Palle Banana.

Herman Phantom Corps and Head Coach on Saturday Ramesh Pawar He addressed a virtual press conference where he talked about the effects of Mithali Raj and his vision to move forward.

“So, I think we set some goals during the World Cup, where we wanted to score 300 runs, but we managed to get 270-280, we will try to score more than 300 runs.” We have some players who are playing really good cricket. If we set big goals for ourselves, we can find something bigger, and that’s what we’re going to do in the field of batting, “said Herman Phantom. Answering a question from NDTV.

“We would like to give a chance to young players to do 10 overs for us. We are trying to do some small things. We worked on it even during this camp. We have a vision. Let’s keep an eye on it. Will, “he added.


Answering the same question, Coach Pawar said: “We are looking for some consistency, we are seeing the habit of winning. For that, we have all come together as captain, coach and vice-captain. Has already spoken to the BCCI VVS Lakshman Who is the head of cricket and some things are happening. We are working on our fielding and fitness and trying to take our players to the next level. That is the immediate goal we are trying to achieve. We want to win the World Cup, but it is important that you build a squad that can withstand any situation and any opposition. “

When asked about the effects of Mithali Raj, Herman Phantom said: “Well, as we all know he has done a great job for women’s cricket. There is someone. Make some winning combinations and all. If we talk about Methali Di, I don’t think there is anyone who can take her place and we will always remember her in our dressing room. When it comes to the team we have a great combination, for the first time we are going to play without our seniors and I think there is a great opportunity for all of us to form a team. The NCA is very well prepared during the camp. “

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