“They Were Trying To Take Shooting Out”: NRAI Official On Commonwealth Games Organisers

“They Were Trying To Take Shooting Out”: NRAI Official On Commonwealth Games Organisers

The National Rifle Association of India has expressed frustration over the non-inclusion of shooting in the preliminary list of sports subjects for the 2026 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, Australia. NRAI Secretary General Kanwar Sultan Singh believes that shooting has been excluded from CWG 2026 due to India’s superior performance.

“We are pursuing it. In fact, as far as the Commonwealth Federation, which is affiliated through the IOA, is concerned, thankfully the Indian Olympic Association is also pursuing it very vigorously. “We may have surpassed them in medal scores in this sport,” Kanwar Sultan Singh told ANI.

“Therefore, the federation holders who take it anytime and stop sports activities which is very ridiculous. Australia should have all the facilities. We are very hopeful that it will be a competitive sport as well as shooting.” Include, “he added.

Australia recently hosted the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne in 2006 and the Gold Coast in 2018, and in both events they shot as a sports discipline.

At the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, India won 16 medals in shooting, including seven gold, four silver and five bronze medals, while in wrestling, India won 12 medals, including five gold, three silver and four bronze. Medals were included.

“Even the last time the Commonwealth Games were held in Australia. They were trying to shoot out and it was purely NRAI’s efforts that we managed to get it and in fact the whole Commonwealth. The championship but we can’t win every time, ”said Kalish Narain Singh Dev, Senior Vice President, NRAI.

He added, “We have actually made an offer to the Commonwealth Federation that NRAI can hold the shooting part of the Commonwealth Games in India at any time. It is up to the Commonwealth Games Federation to accept it.”

Regarding the Asian Games, which were to be held in Hangzhou before the postponement due to Code-19, the senior vice-president said that he hoped that Team India’s campaign would be good.


“In the Asian Games as well as in the Olympic Games we feel we have a very strong chance of winning medals. I think time will prove it. The Asian Games have moved on to next year. We need to make our own training scheduling calendars. Events in such a way that our prime athletes arrive on time before the Asian Games, “said Kalish Narain Singh Dev.

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