UEFA Apologises To Fans Over Champions League Final Chaos

UEFA Apologises To Fans Over Champions League Final Chaos

UEFA has apologized to fans for the chaos during the Champions League final.AFP

The UEFA on Friday apologized to spectators for its “horrific and disturbing” experience ahead of the Champions League final, saying no football fan should experience such scenes. Despite real tickets, thousands of European club football fans were unable to access the showpiece match between Real Madrid and Liverpool, with French police using tear gas against children in the disaster.

The UEFA sincerely apologizes to all the spectators who had to witness or witness the horrific and traumatic events that took place in preparation for the final of the UEFA Champions League on 28 May 2022 at the Stade de France in Paris. European Club Football Celebration

The governing body of European football said in a statement that “no football fan should be put in this situation, and this should not happen again.”

Spanish giants Real Madrid beat England’s Liverpool 1-0 but the match was completely overshadowed by chaos outside the stadium.

Before the game, thousands of Liverpool fans with tickets had to wait for hours to enter the ground, with French police using tear gas and pepper spray on the crowd.

Some Liverpool supporters have said that the use of small holes to filter rows could lead to them being crushed.

Fans on both sides also said they were victims of crime after the match, with many reporting attacks and looting outside the stadium.

UEFA has conducted an independent review to find out the shortcomings and responsibilities of those involved in hosting the final.


Upon completion, it will be published on the UEFA website.

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