“Very Exciting”: Here’s Why Jasprit Bumrah Is Thrilled To Get Swing And Seam Movement In White Ball Cricket

“Very Exciting”: Here’s Why Jasprit Bumrah Is Thrilled To Get Swing And Seam Movement In White Ball Cricket

Star India’s fast bowlers Jaspreet Bamrah He said the one-ball swing made his job easier and more exciting as he took a career-best six wickets in the first ODI against England in London on Tuesday. Swing and seam is a rare sight in whiteball cricket, but it has been a prominent feature in England, including three T20s. Bumrah’s devastating spell gave India a convincing 10-wicket win at the Oval.

“It’s exciting to have this opportunity in white ball cricket when there’s swing and seam movement because you have to be defensive with the kind of pitches we usually get. When I throw the first ball. I got some swing and we tried. To take advantage of it. When it doesn’t swing, I have to pull back my length. You don’t have to try hard when the ball is doing something. “When the wicket is flat, your accuracy is checked. It’s a good place. When the ball is swinging,” he said at the post-match presentation.

India beat England by 10 wickets in the first ODI of the three-match series to take a 1-0 lead.

With the ball moving in the air, the Indian fast bowlers decided to bowl full.

“As soon as Shami bowled the first over, we talked a lot. He was very happy. He takes a lot of wickets. I told him that when he hits the bat, there will be days like this. When they will be run out. “Bumrah said, referring to Mohammad Shami taking three wickets.

Captain Rohit Sharma and شیکھر دھون Shared a century stand for the 18th time to complete India’s stunning victory.

The pull shot was Rohit’s brilliant 76 off 58 balls.

Rohit said, “Shekhar and I understand each other very well, except for the first ball where it was misunderstood.

“The experienced player and he has done well for us in these situations in the past,” he said. The hook is a high risk shot, I understand that but as long as it comes out the right way, I’m happy.

Captain of england Jose Butler Was shocked by the movement on offer.


“It’s a very difficult day, but we have to get ourselves to the ground quickly,” he said. Really bowled well, “he said.

“It’s something we need to discuss and work on. We have some people in the form of their lives in Tests who come in and go out. Jaspreet is a great bowler to compete with. “He has bowled brilliantly today and he deserves it. Statistics,” Butler said.

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