“We Won’t Play…”: Ajinkya Rahane Recalls How Indian Cricket Team Reacted After Mohammed Siraj Was Racially Abused In Sydney

“We Won’t Play…”: Ajinkya Rahane Recalls How Indian Cricket Team Reacted After Mohammed Siraj Was Racially Abused In Sydney

Ajinkya Rahane is complaining to the umpires about the incident with Muhammad Siraj in Sydney.AFP

India’s 2-1 Test series win in Australia in 2020-21 is one of the major milestones in the history of cricket in the country. It was not just about victory, it was about method. Ajinkya RahaneLed by India made a great comeback in this series. after the Virat KohliIndia lost the first Test under the leadership of the then Indian captain returned home to give birth to a child. Rahane took over as the stand-in captain and led the team to a resounding victory. India won the second Test in Melbourne and then the third Test was drawn in Sydney. Despite the absence of several senior players, India won the decisive match of the series in Brisbane.

However, the series also witnessed the Indian fast bowler Muhammad Siraj Sydney is being racially abused by a section of spectators. After the third day’s play in this Test, the Indian team management complained to the authorities about the offensive comments that came in their way. This continued the next morning and Team India complained to the umpires. The play was suspended for ten minutes, and some people were removed from the stands.

Rahane has now revealed the full story. “When Siraj came to me again (on the fourth day), I called the umpires (Paul Raffle and Paul Wilson“(They) need to take action and we won’t play until then,” Rahane said. In the report of ESPNCricinfo At a function in Mumbai on Wednesday to launch a documentary on the subject.

“The umpires said you can’t stop the game and you can walk out if you want to. We said we’re here to play and we won’t sit in the dressing room and insisted on getting the abusers off the ground.” Yes. We support our comrade in view of the situation he has gone through. What happened in Sydney was absolutely wrong.

Ravi Chandran AshwinThose who were part of the Indian team said on Wednesday: “I don’t think it has anything to do with a particular class of people in a particular country. People everywhere believe they belong to the majority of something. And I think racism is a part of it, where people think it’s a way to discriminate.


“It simply came to our notice then. [SCG] And at this place [Australia] Too much but it was his courage. [Siraj] It has to be brought to the fore so that at least a large part of the people can know and the people sitting with such people on the ground will do better next time.

“This is something that should be condemned. But I want to point out that people everywhere are discriminating against people on different grounds, which is not true.”

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