World’s Ugliest Dog: Mr. Happy Face, a Chihuahua Mix With a Mohawk

World’s Ugliest Dog: Mr. Happy Face, a Chihuahua Mix With a Mohawk

Outside a field that included a “hairless mutant” without teeth and a crooked face, a creature resembling a “hyena or mandrel baboon”, and a canine with a “guerrilla-looking head”, Mr. Happy Chihuahua Mix on Friday emerged as the winner of the most misguided, 2022 Ugly Dog competition in the world.

Mr. Happy Fees, who once lived in a state of abuse and neglect with storage, has tumors and neurological problems, needs diapers, struggles to stand up straight or walk, and keeps his head down.

Still, he’s almost 17 years old, plays a natural mohawk and makes a “Dodge Ram diesel truck-like” sound when he’s happy, reviving his engine. An online biography.

“It was clear that Mr. Happy Fees deserved to be the champion,” said Debra Mathieu, one of the competition’s judges. He added that the judges did not bother to decide who should win. “This dog overcame all obstacles physically and in his previous life – it’s amazing.”

The dog and its owner, Janida Benley, won $ 1,500 and a trip to New York City to attend the “Today” show.

Competition He says it promotes the adoption of dogs, even those that may have “vertical disappearances, cross-eyed eyes, duck sticks or unmatched ears”. Eight dogs walked the red carpet at the event, which takes place during the Sonoma-Marine Festival in Petaloma, California, and has been going on for nearly 50 years. It resumed on Friday after being suspended in 2020 and 2021 due to epidemics.

“They are promoting rescue dogs, that all dogs, no matter what their shape, deserve to be loved,” said Ms. Mathi.

When Ms. Benley adopted Mr. Happy Fees from a shelter in Arizona, “the shelter staff tried to prepare me for what I was about to see,” she wrote on the competition’s website. Mr Happy had been at the Fees Shelter “for a long time” and a veterinarian estimated he had only a few weeks, or at most a month, to stay.

“I swear that day, he will love me so much that he will never remember how horrible his past life was,” Ms Benley wrote. In his new home, Mr. Happy Fees is already 10 months old.

Second place, with a $ 1,000 prize, went to Wild Thang, a distemper survivor who now has no teeth, whose tongue is always spread.

Wild Thang was a “pretty mess,” Ms. Matthews said, adding that the dog “looked 50 pounds but weighed only six pounds, because it was all fur.”

Among the winners of previous competitions. Scamp to TrumpIn 2019, “an unknown breed dog with mixed eyes, teethless teeth and small legs”, as well as Martha, a Neapolitan mastiff In 2017 with “Bad Red Eyes, Uncontrollable Pampering and Big Skin”.

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