Zhou Guanyu Escapes Serious Injury After Multi-Car Horror Crash At British Grand Prix

Zhou Guanyu Escapes Serious Injury After Multi-Car Horror Crash At British Grand Prix

The British Grand Prix was given a red flag after a horror opening corner multi-car crashed in Silverstone on Sunday, overturning Zhou Guanyu’s Alfa Romeo and damaging the circuit’s safety barrier. As Max Verstappen led pole-sitter Carlos Sanz to the first corner, there was a “massacre” behind him, and the marshals ran toward Chow, who was trapped in his car. Also included were George Russell’s Mercedes, Alpine’s Esteban Oaken, Yuki Sonoda (Alpha Tory) and Alex Albon’s Williams.

Xiao’s car overturned, the Chinese rookie’s head escaped his car’s roll hoop holo when it slipped across gravel nets and tire barriers and into the catch fencing, where he ended up in a stationary position semi-straight. Bounced back to

Detailed replays of the crash were not immediately available until Chow was rescued from his car.

Emergency evacuation medical personnel accompanied him and he was carried on a stretcher and taken to the Circuit Medical Center by ambulance.

Albon was also airlifted to Coventry Hospital for further precautionary measures before being taken to Coventry Hospital.

The sport’s governing body, the International Motoring Federation (FIA), advised that both drivers were conscious and were being examined.

The normal speed of Formula One cars in this part of the circuit is about 240 km per hour.

In the opening run again, it appeared that Russell, at number eight, went to his right after a poor start and collided with Zoo’s Alfa Romeo as the pair tried to stay ahead of Pierre Gasley.

This triggered Xiao’s wild tour off-circuit and dragged other cars around him into more or less serious collisions.

In a separate additional statement, the FIA ​​also confirmed that several protesters tried to flee to the circuit after the red flag.

“We also confirm that several people tried to enter the track after the red flag,” the statement said. Is being dealt with. “

After the collision, the field re-entered the pits as an expert evacuation crew joined Chow, who remained in his vehicle until he was picked up.

Other drivers, including Russell, got out of their cars to help Chow after the collision.

The teams involved were working hard to prepare for the resumption of their damaged cars after the incident.

In a radio statement, Alfa Romeo said: “Chao is conscious, he is talking, there is no fracture. Given the circumstances, he is very, very good.”

This was not the first collision in which the ‘Halo’ device was instrumental in saving the driver from serious injury – another car driven by Dennis Hughes crashed into the cockpit of his car. In which he was saved by Halo. Both narrowly escaped.


After a delay of about an hour, the race resumed in its original order, with the retirement of Xiao, Albon and Russell, the grid was reduced to 17.

Unlike the original start, Sainz Verstappen managed to block the first corner as the Spaniard was trying to win F1 for the first time since winning his first pool in his 150th start.

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